• Okay so, guys, it's the last week before Daddy and I take a vacation.
    As we are going to visit a super exotic place I would love to hear what 🫵 You would like to see on my feed.
    So here is your chance to request a fans only post.

    What does any of this mean?

    Well my dear it's that You can share your lewd ideas with me which I'm going to create during our vacation and as it is not a real custom request, You 🫵 won't pay anything, but the others are going to be able to enjoy it too.
    So don't be afraid, send your ideas for something but not porny, either under this post as a comment, or, if You a shy guy, send them to my DMs.

    And ofcourse if You want a custom clip, let me know and we talk about the details

    #fyp #request #petite #freebies #brunette
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