If you want your feed to show you exactly the content that you like, here's what you can do:

- Unfollow all the groups and pages you don't like
- Block users whose content you don't like
- Engage with posts you like (like, share, comment etc)
- Use the explore feature to find users, pages and groups with content that you do like. Follow and join those. 

Please find some of the most frequently asked questions here.

  • What are VIP accounts? 
    You can read all about VIP accounts right here
  • How do I get my account verified? 
    Simple, go here and upload the required documents.
  • Do you have a program to refer friends and fans?
    Yep, you can find it right here.
  • I want to report a bug, where do I do that? 
    Please go to this support group to report or give feature suggestions. That's the only official support group by the way.
  • I want to report something illegal posted
    Please do that, report it next to the post, profile, group or page by using the Report link. Please do not report things because you do not like them, reports have to be serious and be actual violations of our terms.
  • What is the difference between a page and a group?
    Think about how facebook works, it's sort of similar. On a group every member can post content, they can be private or public. On a page, only the owner can post content, it's always public.
  • Where do I turn off e-mail notifications?
    Go here to turn off e-mail notifications.
  • How do I gain more followers? 
    Post quality content and use hashtag, also engage with others. But if you really want to boost your account followers, you should upgrade to VIP - being VIP gives you more exposure, but it also gets you listed as an account to follow when people sign up. We see people grow with hundreds of new followers in a very short time as VIP. 
  • What are the upload limits?
    For pictures and GIFs it's 50MB and for video it's 10000MB. 
  • Why was I banned or why was my content removed?
    We ban and/or delete all content for the following violation without warning:
    - Posting underage content.
    - Posting fictional content that simulates underage persons.
    - Posting affiliate links in content (you can use our ad system for that).
    - Posting content that you do not own the rights to (for example full paysite videos).
    - Promoting your own site as a webmaster (you can use our ad system for that) outside of the website link (ie. in posts. DM's. etc
    - Abusing the message system, sending unsolicited messages.
    - Escort posting or promotion.
    - Anything deemed illegal by U.S. law (our server location).
    Please read our acceptable use policy in our full terms: https://adultnode.com/static/terms