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  • Hi Everyone! this is the content update for the last 2 weeks, remember that each set has 10+ pics for subscribers only.

    Also from now on I will be doing a merge between normal and mesh undies (one day normal, then mesh, then back to normal and mesh, and so on).

    About the 3 mystery dates depicted in the release calendar, I already stated that every 26th will be jockstrap day
    So stay tuned to see what are those 2 other dates, and depending on feedback (I do hear and reply to feedback I can add more dates or stuff)

    so hope you enjoy and subscribe!!

    PS. since the mesh pics are way too hot, I had to censor them... but don't worry they aren't censored on the subscriber side ;)
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  • running a special
    On here and on my onlyfans
    (10$ tip I will send you 1 free video)
    (for every 15$ tip I will send you 1 free video and 2 pics)
    Comment below with how much you tipped so I can send u your PRIZE
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  • I was supposed to upload a new video this weekend on my spicy pages but I was not anticipating being so busy attending graduations! Instead, they got some pics from a card game with Sir and a dildo I was sitting on the entire time

    #lingerie #bbw #dildo
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