• These photos were taken after a Self Ballbusting session that started November 17th through the 19th. I was practicing keeping a shoe lace tied around my balls during this session because it keeps the balls from being able to move when they get hit and they take a much harder impact. The shoe lace enhanced the swelling so I learned to untie it when the balls start to swell up mid-session. #Ballbusting #SelfBallbusting #BDSM #Ballkicking #SwollenBalls
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  • Foot Domination - Licking
    Erotic Audio | Kink For Your Ears

    You will do anything I fucking tell you or my shoes will be taken away from you…and we know how much you get off on licking my sexy fucking wedges. Now bow to me…worship me…lick my shoes, as you bow down and worship Mistress Kissy...mmm, good boy!

    #bdsm #footjob
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  • ꧁𓊈𒆜Tuesday Trivia𒆜𓊉꧂

    This is for the people who know us and follow us. Hint: It's in one of our livecam's bio.
    What is Aliah's Shoe Size?
    The 1st person to answer gets a FREE month to our Fansly & OF
    #TriviaTuesday #asian #amateur #todaysmood #feet
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  • Outfits & Toys

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    I recently lost my collectionsx of naughty toys, outfits, and oils. I can't cum and its killing me. Help me reach my goal and replace some of my favorites. I will broadcast myself finally pleasuring myself with these new items to shoe each of you my appreciation.
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