• Soy un puto maricon de mierda al que le encanta comer pollas y tragar lefa, dispuesto a ser usado, humillado, puteado y expuesto a saco.

    I am a fucking fagot who loves to eat cocks and swallow cum, willing to be used, humiliated, bitched and exposed to everyone.

    Antonio Francisco Ortiz Perez
    ID: 75262469Y
    C/ Toledo 42, 45530, Santa Olalla, Toledo(Spain)
    Telegram: @af_op
    Skype and email: soyunputomaricondemierda@hotmail.com
    Phone: +34658482532

    #gay #faggot #exposed #humiliation #ruin_my_life
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  • Erotic Audio | Kink For Your Ears
    Humiliation - Loser
    Umm….I guess we know you are a loser…or you wouldn’t even be listening to this. You know, my friends and I laugh at losers like you. Do you realize how pathetic you've become? You can only get hard when no one wants you. You should consider yourself lucky I even exist…
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