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  • I have had 5 hot showers and I have not been able to get you off my mind
    I just want to take you up to the heavens this night
    Everything single hair of your body get me turned on
    I dreamt yester-night and it was all about me erotically involved with you
    I felt your soft fuzzy skin against mine
    I felt your warm body on mine
    I had the feeling you were going to scream so loud
    So I used my left hand to cover your mouth
    Now I am awake I wish to invite you to come over for the week
    Are we sure we would not do the dirty dance?
    I have a lot of dirty thoughts in my mind about you of late
    And I get to think freaky things to you as well
    Could we get freak with this freaky paragraph?
    I would crave your freakiness today and tomorrow my love
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  • caressing my tits & pussy outside on my balcony. Wearing a short black dress & black stocking like boots, bending over, ass spreading, I finger my ass with anal play & laying back I fuck my love balls in todays selfie POV selfshot with dirty chat.
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