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I am into Self Ballbusting. I enjoy the pain of hitting myself in the balls with a bat. I watch women on TV like QVC or HSN and I pretend those sexy saleswomen are actually kicking me in the balls. I also watch women ballbust men in videos while I whack my balls. NO BABIES FOR ME!

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  • These photos were taken after a Self Ballbusting session that started November 17th through the 19th. I was practicing keeping a shoe lace tied around my balls during this session because it keeps the balls from being able to move when they get hit and they take a much harder impact. The shoe lace enhanced the swelling so I learned to untie it when the balls start to swell up mid-session. #Ballbusting #SelfBallbusting #BDSM #Ballkicking #SwollenBalls
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  • This is how swollen my balls were at the end of a Self Ballbusting session on August 2nd. In my experience of having extremely swollen balls I got a headache and I couldn't get good sleep at night until the swelling went down. #Balls #Ballbusting #SelfBallbusting
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  • This is the normal size of my balls after the swelling has gone down. My scrotum is pretty tight because I took these in the morning and it was colder. #Balls #Testicles #Nuts
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  • This is how it looks when I hit myself in the head of my penis and why I try to avoid that hit because the pain is excruciating. It hurts me more getting hit in the tip and head of my penis more than it does my balls. I primarily keep it out of the way and only target my balls. #Ballbusting #BDSM #SelfBallbusting #Ballkicking #Dickkicking
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  • This is how I usually bust my balls. The underwear protects my scrotum and I usually keep a sock on the bat to cushion the blows to the scrotum. The cushion protects the scrotum enough so I can keep whacking my balls until they get so swollen that I have to stop or else I can feel that I risk getting a serious injury to the scrotum or testicles. The balls will get numb and it's a weird feeling. Maybe that's where the slang term "numbnuts came from. #Ballbusting #BDSM #SelfBallbusting
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  • I got this erection exclusively by hitting my balls. I did not stroke my penis at all. I decided to go all the way and record a Ballbusting orgasm in my bathtub. I prefer not to end my Ballbusting sessions with an orgasm and since this occasion I have learned how to control and prevent an orgasm. When I bust my balls I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure all the fluid from my prostate flows back into my bladder because when I urinate in the middle of a session the urine has a ton of foamy bubbles. #Ballbusting #Cumshot #Masterbation #SelfBallbusting
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  • This is how I squeeze my balls. I usually wear underwear but I wanted to show how it looks in the nude. In a session I will whack my balls with the bat and then immediately squeeze the balls and it is a very painful combo. It has me moaning in pain. #Ballbusting #BDSM #SelfBallbusting
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  • This is how I bust my balls with a bat. I always wear protective underwear but I decided to not in this video to show you how it really looks in the nude and I took the protective sock off my bat. My scrotum was red, bruised, stinging as heck in pain after this rapid fire session.
    #Ballbusting #BDSM #SelfBallbusting
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