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  • My boss fucks me when he will although he knows I'm married and mother of two. He doesn't accept my husband's presence but my cuck agrees because he knows I want that too.
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  • One of my son's friends spent the weekend at our house. He was super nice and respectful, we had a really nice time all together. But I had a weird feeling that he was not only interested in my son... Just the way he would look at me and always trying to spend alone time with me.

    On Sunday evening my husband and I drove him home. It was at least a 30 min ride.

    Just before that I had confessed to my husband my suspicions and he answered something like "let's find out, go play with him and I'll watch you in the rear view mirror".

    So I sat with him at the back and after a few minutes of driving I started to flirt with him and caressing his thigh. He almost immediately got hard. I pulled his pants down and swallowed him deep. His moaning were so hot. I made an eye contact with my husband in the mirror while I was deepthroating this guy. He didn't last long and came in on my boobs. He was shaking and I could tell it was the best BJ he had in his short life haha.

    After dropping him to his house, my husband took me to an isolated place and fucked me hard in the car. My son asked us why we took so long and we just answered "you know the traffic".
    (42 yo wife and mom,Emma-20 yo guy)
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  • My husband let me fuck his friend. He knows I found him hot for years. His cock was nicer than I imagined and hubby was a little jealous of how he made me moan.I have never been fucked so hard before
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  • Husband's friend #fisting my slutty cunt in front of him. It was the first fisting for me but more will follow.... i have totally lost control.
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  • Finally made my #husband film me with young #bulls that's what happens when u marry a huge #horny #slut you're not involved at all at first, then slowly I get you doing more things because if u love me you'll support my choices right baby?
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