High school to now (I’m 36 y/o F, highly educated, #wife and #mom of 2)
    Lost my virginity in high school and had fucked about 8 #black guys from the basketball team before graduating
    -went to study abroad and had my first MFM
    -got a long term boyfriend in college and found out I’m bi, we became swingers for a short time period
    -after we broke up, tried being a #unicorn and going to swingers events
    -decided group sex isn’t for me, but I was heavily into the dom/sub dynamic and let a stranger enter my home and fuck me while I was blindfolded then leave
    -fucked a coworker for the first time and learned how to come with the dick inside me by continuously rubbing my clit
    -currently fucking a different young #bulls (and of course my boss) and learning how to come from penetration without rubbing my clit (heaven)
    -No regrets, always learning,exploring BC and living life :)
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