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    Mom and Dad had no clue what we had been doing on the other side of the house. We had shared a bathroom all our lives and it kind of just started happening. It connected our rooms together, we never closed the doors on either side at some point. First it was just walking around naked, no modesty. And then touching, brushes here and there, then groping and cupping.

    "Can I suck you off?" My brother asked between our kissing.

    "Do we have time?" I asked holding his ass in my hand.

    "We can make time," he replied and sank down in front of me.

    I remember the first time I kissed him. He didn't even seem bothered, like he expected it, I think we both did. We spent all morning making out that first time. It didn't feel wrong, he was my little brother. I loved him and he loved me.

    Pretty soon every morning I was greeted by a tender kiss from him. It didn't take him long to realize how turned on I was by him, always sporting wood anytime he was near.

    "God, I love you cock," my brother said as he took it in his mouth.

    "I love you," I smirked.

    "Well yeah. That too," he said, slapping it on his cheek before sucking it again.

    He started coming into my room at night and snuggling with me. Jerking me off nearly every night before finally putting it in his mouth. From then on he swallowed me every time, told me he liked having a part of me with him.

    I loved to shower him with affection. I always wanted to make sure he knew how important he was to me. After a year of bonding with him, he finally told me he wanted to go farther. That he needed to know what it was like to be one with me. Of course I have thought about it but I didn't consider myself into guys, just him. I knew we both needed it, to at least try.

    "We got five minutes, unless you want to save it for tonight?" I asked my brother as he bobbed up and down my cock.

    "No, I want it now. I have a big test today and I want to know I have you in me," he replied and started to suck hard and faster.

    I bought us condoms and lube. He came into my room ready to consummate what we had. When I started opening the condom he told me he didn't want it. That he needed to feel just me, nothing between us. He pushed me back on the bed and straddled me. I felt his hand reach behind him and he lined me up. I never thought I'd be inside a guy before, let alone my little brother.

    I felt him push down, his face showed that it wasn't easy, but he persisted. I was his first and it felt right. After a few moments he was sitting on my lap, his cock throbbing just like mine which was buried inside of him. Nothing had felt better than this. He rode me for a while and then I came inside of him. He kissed me as I did, told me that he was mine, and I was his.

    "I'm going to cum," I told him as he worked my cock in his mouth. "Oh god, you're amazing," I moaned.

    I felt my cock released inside of his mouth. I thought about the first time we made love, and how much he meant to me and how much I'd do for him. He massaged my balls with his hand as he drained my morning load. Nothing had ever felt like he made me feel. No girl compared.

    "I love you," he said looking up at me, face red from the work he had done.

    "I love you too, baby," I said and pulled him up for a kiss.

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  • These photos were taken after a Self Ballbusting session that started November 17th through the 19th. I was practicing keeping a shoe lace tied around my balls during this session because it keeps the balls from being able to move when they get hit and they take a much harder impact. The shoe lace enhanced the swelling so I learned to untie it when the balls start to swell up mid-session. #Ballbusting #SelfBallbusting #BDSM #Ballkicking #SwollenBalls
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  • This is how swollen my balls were at the end of a Self Ballbusting session on August 2nd. In my experience of having extremely swollen balls I got a headache and I couldn't get good sleep at night until the swelling went down. #Balls #Ballbusting #SelfBallbusting
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  • This is the normal size of my balls after the swelling has gone down. My scrotum is pretty tight because I took these in the morning and it was colder. #Balls #Testicles #Nuts
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  • This is how it looks when I hit myself in the head of my penis and why I try to avoid that hit because the pain is excruciating. It hurts me more getting hit in the tip and head of my penis more than it does my balls. I primarily keep it out of the way and only target my balls. #Ballbusting #BDSM #SelfBallbusting #Ballkicking #Dickkicking
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  • This is how I usually bust my balls. The underwear protects my scrotum and I usually keep a sock on the bat to cushion the blows to the scrotum. The cushion protects the scrotum enough so I can keep whacking my balls until they get so swollen that I have to stop or else I can feel that I risk getting a serious injury to the scrotum or testicles. The balls will get numb and it's a weird feeling. Maybe that's where the slang term "numbnuts came from. #Ballbusting #BDSM #SelfBallbusting
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  • I got this erection exclusively by hitting my balls. I did not stroke my penis at all. I decided to go all the way and record a Ballbusting orgasm in my bathtub. I prefer not to end my Ballbusting sessions with an orgasm and since this occasion I have learned how to control and prevent an orgasm. When I bust my balls I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure all the fluid from my prostate flows back into my bladder because when I urinate in the middle of a session the urine has a ton of foamy bubbles. #Ballbusting #Cumshot #Masterbation #SelfBallbusting
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  • This is how I squeeze my balls. I usually wear underwear but I wanted to show how it looks in the nude. In a session I will whack my balls with the bat and then immediately squeeze the balls and it is a very painful combo. It has me moaning in pain. #Ballbusting #BDSM #SelfBallbusting
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