March 11, 2024

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My heart races as I lay exposed in front of Daddy, right before he claims me. The anticipation builds - of being bred and fucked mercilessly by him. The power he has over me as he grabs and spreads my legs apart excites me. I’m helpless to stop the deep rutting he has in store for me. My hole quivers knowing what’s coming next. He presses the head of his cock to my hole. He enters me swiftly and inches his way inside. Further and further, unrelenting until his shaft is completely buried. He holds it there for a moment as my insides stretch to accommodate his girth.

“You like the feeling of having a real man inside you, don’t you?” he says

“Yes, Sir!”

“You exist for this. Being my plaything, my fucktoy.” he pants as he begins thrusting.

He feels so good. His cock plunders the deepest parts of me as my toes curl in pleasure. I look up at him. His expression is stern - a powerful man taking what’s his. I exist to serve him. His authority over me is overwhelming. His iron-tight grip on my ankles keeps me open as his assault of thrusts continues. The more he dominates me the more I desire to submit to him.

He slams his cock as he pulls me onto it and blows his load inside me.

I thank him obediently and prepare for the next round.

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