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with love and awesomeness
    Works best with a training partner; -
    1. Stack up the leg press (make sure you can get 2 reps at the beginning)
    2. Take a plate off every 2-3 reps
    - -
    3. Leave at least 2 plates a side on at the end
    4. Always do a cheeky extra final rep (watch till end )

    : Alain Trojan
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  • Benjamin Ahlblad : I used to train for size, now I train for symmetry and proportion. My main goal is to be healthy… and shredded AF.
    by Aram Dag.
    (Original post date: 18th November 2018).
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  • Nicky Dadario : PHYSIQUE UPDATE with a little vacuum fun
    Sitting around 171 lbs (77,5 kg) right now, my metabolism is fired up from being in an extreme caloric deficit since my show and staying low body fat for modeling. But it is very hard and taxing from being so low for so long, I plan to lean bulk up to about 178 lbs (81 kg) and stay lean. My big reefeds on the weekends have been saving me from disappearing but time to grow a little more
    [Original post date: 14th September 2018).
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