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This is the place to give your improvement suggestions, bugs and feedback - it's also where we'll post updates we do and where you can talk about our new adult social community.
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  • I haven't seen the videos for days ... please set Pornjon OtherAdmin
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  • sorry, I have a problem: I hear the sound of notifications but in reality there is nothing, you can check it, thank you @pornjon
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  • See me in your dirty fantasy >>
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  • Thanks for the invite!

    Really a fan of what you guys got going here. One thing that I'd suggest looking into (it'd also be a source of revenue) is some of the camming affiliate programs offering an API. If you can get it to where a model can claim their profile on a site and sync it to AN, you could feasibly build an "online models" section, and have their actual chatroom echo out on the site.

    Since the API is through the affiliate program, AdultNode would earn a revshare off new members referred to said camming sites.

    I think that would be a win/win/win for everyone (members, models and AdultNode)
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  • i probably know (or understand why) but just in case, why are we limited to approximately 9 posts every 3 minutes? this is very limiting. the "why" i suspect is to prevent spammers or bots from overwhelming the servers? or maybe even to prevent some users from doing the same? but i'd be curious as to the true reason why we are limited? thanks. @pornjon
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  • Why did I lose, about 150 - 200 points?
    This is happening already 2, 3 times.
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  • Please make it possible for us to block other users from appearing in the feed. Unfollowing does nothing. New posts from users that I've 'unfollowed' still show in the feed and I have to hide them as soon as I see the username. I just had to hide a bunch of posts from a user that I 'unfollowed' a couple of days ago.
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  • So we have the ability to save posts, but where do they save to? I wanted to make sure that a certain post was actually saved, but I don't know where to go see them. Am I missing something?
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  • Please Share:
    AdultNode (AN) has the potential of being so much more then just another porn site. Sort of how Tumblr used to be but better given time. We should be able to share, talk, and post almost anything uncensored. Adult talk, but not necessarily porn. With that in mind I have tried to make a few 'Groups' that aren't just about porn. I would love to see more, and hope others will also make some groups that were more then just porn. (Start a new group, and share the link in the comments)
    Here is a list of the groups I have started:
    Photography Talk -
    Ask a female a question -
    Women's Health & Relationships -
    DIY Sewing -
    Minnesota -
    Benevolent Witchcraft -
    Ask AN afterdark -
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  • this is the second time in two weeks I've been asked to VIP Upgrade I have paid on 22 of May and again on the 1st ? now it wants more money $$$$ WHY!
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  • So WTH is the deal? My VIP was revoked without notice? I was paid until August. I didn't even notice until now. Admin Pornjon OtherAdmin
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  • ok...this is somewhat of a stupid, dare i say elementary, question. but i'm looking for some clarity. i have a) my user id b) a page (hotguys) and c) a group (hotyoungguys). what's the difference/benefit of posting to a group versus a page? why have them at all? i guess pages and groups might be more focused on certain material/content. but many bloggers are already pretty focused on what they are posting or want to see. the main question is what is the difference between a page and a group - and what are the benefits or shortcomings of each? thanks all! love adult node and the community here!
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  • Lost my Night Mode! 馃槑 Do you have a html page extension i could go to to turn it back on? Pornjon OtherAdmin Example i use this link to go to settings. ect but can't find Night Mode extension? 馃槃 Thanx!
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  • What is this "You've reached your maximum number of posts per minute" shit? I never had this message before so what gives?
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