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  • I see our groups can be 'public, closed, or secret'. It would be nice if we could share post that are in public groups, but keep the other two private from outsiders like the groups on FaceBook.
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  • to the admin

    i react before to consider to add gay sposored items wit gay and st8 on st8... i read it will change but actualy, it stay.
    you answer was fixing it tommorow..look i will tell you something
    the newtumbl, is cooling down for the rating system, and peopple are getting to many posts on onlly one page, posting a picture , this get lost soon, to many posting on one page.. get your straight add of the gay profiles and believe me not many realy like the new tumbl..... wake up
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  • It would be nice if people could comment or reply anonymously.
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  • Please!
    When I reblog a hot post from one of the people I follow, or from the naughty feed, I need two things to make my experience better.
    First i want the option to add a note to the post on why I thas appealed to me straight off, instead of having to go to the post on my timeline and editing it.
    And especially I need a ‘cancel’ button because when surfing AN on my phone, the barrest touch on the screen often reblogs whatever random post I am scrolling past to my timeline, which I then have to open to delete.
    The ‘pre comment’ on reblogs thing has been requested here a few times by others. Is there a reason why it cant be added?
    Loving your site tho.
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  • I would like to send you a private message. Where I can send you? Thanks
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  • Is it possible to view all the original posts that you yourself have made? Would appreciate your help if possible ;-)
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  • Why when I make a search with any word I have only result with the people I'm following?? So like this impossible to discover new people?!
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  • Hello,
    When I making a comment or a post in another group, instead to have my name: Johnny @ppf I have that Johnny Lname. An idea about that? Thanks
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  • I’m wondering why my points aren’t adding up, I try to be as active as I can on here.
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