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  • @pornjon or @pornjane - I'm not sure the "orientation" filter/setting is having the desired impact or effect. The ppl that I follow generally post the type of content that I want to see; otherwise I would not follow them. So the message that states "this post may not contain content that you want to see" becomes more irritating and annoying than helpful.

    Having said that, what I do object to is seeing the advertisements with big tits and pussy. I understand that they are paying for their ads, but they are not selling me anything. If there are "gay" companies or simply companies that want to pay for advertising showing hot guys and guy parts, then I'm interested. But the ads featuring women are of no interest and I'd prefer not to be seeing them.

    So in short, the orientation filter seems to be irrelevant and general.
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  • Did something happen or change? My Naughty Feed won’t go past 5 hours. I’ve cleared the cache and rebooted both the browser (Chrome) and the iPad.
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  • Performance Issue: I don’t know if I am unique but when I go back in my Naughty Feed to see what’s been happening I see a degradation in display time. After 12 or so ads the time to display ads starts to increase. After 20 I timed it at 18 seconds and after 30 it was up to 38 seconds. The timing of a repost increases as well. After 30 ads it was 28 seconds. I did the timing using Chrome on an iPad. I’ve noticed the same issue using FireFox on an Windows 10 HP laptop.
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  • Can we have the group members newest to the oldest order as well please.
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  • Would it be possible to search on hashtags and not have posts with words appear. When I search for #handjob the search results include posts with #handjob as well as any post that has the word handjob in it. I think a search on a hashtag should only return results with posts that have that hashtag in them.
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  • Anyone have any ideas for getting tips here? I don't know if anyone has gotten tips.
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  • Help please, I have my orientation set, yet on all the posts I follow the pics is blacked out with "This post might contain content not matching your orientation. - click show it anyway". how can this be fixed?
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  • Help. My home button is gone. Where did it go and can I get it back.
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  • 1. I was wondering how to clear the member requests. I have it saying there are 5 member requests but when I click the link there are no members listed. How can I fix this?

    2. I wish we could make individual posts public even if group is closed. Is this possible?

    Admin Pornjon OtherAdmin
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  • hello jane and jon ~ since you have implemented the "orientation" filter, i am getting warnings about blocked posts that are clearly ones that i would like to see. in other words, i have set my orientation to "gay" but get messages of clearly "gay" or "gay oriented" posts that state "this post might contain content not matching your orientation". it is somewhat cumbersome having to clear this message/warning for each post to reveal the content. help!!!
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