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This is the place to give your improvement suggestions, bugs and feedback - it's also where we'll post updates we do and where you can talk about our new adult social community.

  • December 2018
with love and awesomeness
  • This website is now being censored. All of my group posts from the last two years have been deleted. What a waste of time!
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  • This share limit feature is really getting bad! Its supposed to only be within the hour but anymore lately it's an all day block on only 3 shares
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  • I would like to add my husband and our girlfriend as my co-performers but cannot find any place to do so.
    I would also like to add my banking details (Paxum? Paypal?) but cannot find any place to do so.
    I triend contacting your Chat, but am for some reason also unable to do so.
    Any help please?
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