• masturbating in tights, my hands under my nylons, spreading my pussy & pulling my nylon tights down, fingering my ass. Anal play on my big butt, taking a dildo, I use the sex toy, fucking the dildo, I cum over the length, fingering & masturbation, sucking the toy clean.
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    masturbating in tights, caressing my tits, teasing with my nipples through a fishnet top, laying back, fingering my wet pussy under my nylons. Pulling down my tights & spreading my ass I finger my butt with anal play. Using a dildo, I fuck my pussy deep & cum over the length. Sucking the juices from the toy I finger my wet cunt.
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  • Masturbating in a short black skirt, hitched up. I push love balls between my lips & inside my pussy. Pulling my panties & tights up, I lay back, rubbing off, caressing my tits and moaning as I cum. Ripping open the crotch of my nylons, sliding my hands underneath my panties, I continue to masturbate. Tugging on the love balls, I pull the sex toy out of my tight juicy hole & take hold of a dildo. Fucking the toy, my panties pulled aside. I orgasm & cum over the dildo before sucking the juices from the length & fingering my cum soaked pussy.
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  • standing over you in lingerie, ass spreading & bouncing my big butt cheeks with anal play, bending over the couch masturbating & fingering in crotchless fishnet tights. Turning around by the patio door, looking out over the horizon, i cum masturbating over you
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