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  • My dear friends,

    One year has passed again.

    May the new one be an extraordinary one, full of grand adventures and opportunities and with perfect health!

    Enjoy the last hours of 2022 and have a great start in the New Year!

    If you would like to slide in 2023 with me I prepared a nice promo code for you on all my boxes for the last and the first day of our calendar.

    A special 30% discount awaits you with the code z3JZA !

    I would also very much appreciate -as always - your kind support in the ongoing Santa-contest.

    My boxes there so far:




    Thanks for your friendship and kindness throughout the last year and I am sure we will have an exciting one coming.

    Lots of love to all!

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  • Would you like to see what I wear for Halloween? ;)

    All my price winning Halloween sets are at a super price available on my bentbox!


    Or use the promo code uR1aw to get 25% off! ;)
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  • Hello everybody!
    I hope you are having a fantastic weekend
    What a great day for me to get to my box no.500 on my bentbox page! A day for celebration!
    And a celebration I want to share with you!
    As always I am happy to publish a free box on my page https://bentbox.co/beatablue with art made for me by my wonderful friends and genuinely talented artists. take a look at those beautiful works! https://bentbox.co/box_admin?G0muzf54

    And of course a discount for the next 5 days!!!
    Enjoy all my boxes, photos and videos at a 25% discount with the promo code OU1bf !
    I hope it will make your weekend an even cheerier one.

    Have fun and happy celebration with me!
    Lots of love to all!
    User page Beata Blue by beatablue
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  • Hello my dear friends!

    I hope you are all having some great and very pleasant holidays! I have a double reason to give you all a little present this weekend:
    It is my 5th year this month on bentbox!!! Who would believe that time flies so fast and some of you I have been knowing already for so long... Over 400 boxes and so many very nice connections, people who have got to know me here and became friends and companions along the way. I am very happy, feeling privileged and proud of that fact.
    I have not thought my presence on this site would result in so nice relationships.
    To celebrate the 5th year and wishing you wonderful holidays I opened a 20% discount on all the boxes for you with he promo code LFRsq ! Use it for the next 3 days!


    Enjoy my photos and video and happy Eastern to you all!
    With love, Beata
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