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    Hey there! I’m Laura. I’m 31. I’m a mother and wife. I’ve been a full time content creator for about two years now. I’ve been nominated by Xbiz two years in a row. I love creating sexy content for everyone and can’t wait to learn more about this platform. Have a great day

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  • The cult spread with minor variations in the whole Middle East, and Inanna became known as Ishtar, Asherah, Aphrodite, Venus and by many other names. Her cult also became mixed with the cult of the Great Mother and it is unclear where one ends and the other begins. In some areas all unmarried women had to serve at her temples a period each year, something that was regarded as a privilege. The priestesses enjoyed high status, unlike most other women at the time. They may have been the origin of the well educated, intellectual courtesans which reached their height in classic Greece.#amateur #lingerieoftheday #sellingnudes #eroticphotography #lifestyle
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