• Thought I could do some education work

    Let's learn together about #kinks

    This time it's #petplay Vol.1

    Let me know your thoughts on this project in the comments down below
    #buttplug #bdsm #fyp
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    Hey there! I’m Laura. I’m 31. I’m a mother and wife. I’ve been a full time content creator for about two years now. I’ve been nominated by Xbiz two years in a row. I love creating sexy content for everyone and can’t wait to learn more about this platform. Have a great day

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  • trying to learn what this place is all about, theres a lot of dodgy looking shit going on, ill have none of it. Im going to become RANK 1 through my own inititive. I was granted a permenant VIP on JustShareX - I know im good. I know im an original! Ill have new work and hot posts soon!
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