• Jamie Caught Jacking Off
    Waking up as always with a hard on Jamie just has to have a tug at it. He is enjoying himself and looses track of time despite being called for breakfast, What seems like moments after his great cum shot the door opens and in comes an irate Tony - who is appalled to find out why the lad is late for breakfast. He is told to clean up and get OTK fast....Tony then administers a good stiff spanking. Jamies has a cute hairless little round butt and it colours up nicely as the swats fall. Next time Jamie will pay more attention to the time and less to his dick I am sure after this#bdsm #gay #eroticphotography #amateur
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  • Naughty Sergio Paddled
    Dimitri is at the end of his tether with Sergio and has decided to give him a taste of the paddle. Bending the lad over the table he sets about balancing the books. Paddling the lad on the trackies to start with he is making sure that Sergio knows exactly whats what for future reference. Trackies down and super paddling on the underwear builds on the lads discomfort perfectly. Then a bare ass paddling to really make the point hit home, so to speak, and Dimitri is happy that maybe this time Sergio has actually leaned something.

    #bdsm #amateur #eroticphotography #gay #pornstar
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