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  • I am sorry I have not been as freaky as you want me
    I am sorry I have not been as crazy as I ever wanted to
    I am sorry if I come home too quickly
    I am sorry if I had not put my mouth on yours of late
    I am sorry if you want me to tear your clothes off and I haven’t in recent times
    I am sorry if I have been unable to touch you in those really crazy places
    Now I am ready to touch you on all parts of your body
    Now I am ready to take your lingerie off with my teeth
    Now I am ready to spank you and make you feel my harsh hands on your bums
    Now I am ready to do all sorts of things to you
    Just tell you when you will be ready and where the location will be
    Car? Kitchen? Chair? Couch? Outside in the garden? Anywhere?
    I will get freaky with you whenever you want
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