• “Fuck,” I grunted, tipping my head back as I blasted my load into his eager cunt. I didn’t even know his name. But did it matter? He was just another frat boy who came sniffing around for some dick. And I was happy to deliver.

    “Don’t forget to call a realtor today,” my wife nagged as she left for work that morning.

    “Ugh,” I groaned. “I don’t wanna move. I like this house.”

    “You like living on frat row?” she quipped. “I’m sick of the constant noise, the wild parties, and drunk guys puking in our bushes at 3 am.”

    “It’s not that bad,” I protested.

    “Yes it is,” she insisted, rubbing her swollen, pregnant belly. “And I’m not raising our child next to a frat house.”

    We didn’t exactly live next to a frat house, I wanted to point out, but there were about a dozen fraternity house on our street. That was the price for living close to campus. As a young professor, I loved being able to bike to my office and classes. So what if it meant dealing with a few frat parties in the neighborhood? Okay, maybe more than a few.

    But the real reason I loved living near all those frat houses was because of how many frat boys were looking to get dicked down by a slightly older guy like me. Don’t get me wrong. Fucking my wife was great. But nothing compares to the savage brutality of shoving your cock up another man’s ass. I should’ve stopped fucking guys when I got married, but it was like asking a junkie to give up his fix.

    It didn’t help that scoring a piece of ass in the neighborhood was just too easy. All I had to do was take off my shirt and do just about anything in my front yard—mow the lawn, check the mail, wash the car—and soon some horny frat boy would pass by and chat me up, eager to get in my pants.

    That particular afternoon was no different. I was weeding the flowerbeds, shirtless of course, when a twink frat boy passed by on his way back from class, a backpack hanging from one shoulder.

    “Nice house,” the frat boy commented. Yet his eyes were on my bulging crotch, sweat dripping down my treasure trail.

    “Thanks,” I replied, adjusting my package, the flimsy material of my athletic shorts clinging to my big, sweaty cock. “The house was built in the ‘40s.”

    “Wow,” he exclaimed, his eyes traveling up and down my muscular body. “They don’t make them like that anymore.”

    “Want to come inside?” I offered. “I could give you a tour . . . of the bedroom.”

    Five minutes later, the frat boy twink was on my bed—the one I share with my wife—with his legs spread wide, my big cock up his ass. While destroying his pretty, pink cunt, I noticed my wife’s eyes staring at me from her wedding picture on the bed table, which turned me on even more, making my cock harder. It felt good to be bad.

    “You’re so big,” the frat boy squealed in delight, his eyes rolling back in his head as I pummeled his tight hole.

    “You like this big cock?” I asked rhetorically. “You like this big cock in your pretty cunt?”

    “Uh huh,” he replied, pulling his legs closer to his chest, opening his hole even more for me. “Your big dick feels so fuckin’ good inside me.”

    “You gonna let me cum in you?” I demanded, my pace increasing, my balls slapping his ass with each thrust. “You gonna let me shoot my load up your ass?”

    “Yes,” he begged. “Fucking seed me.”

    I could take my time with a boy like him, make love to him slowly and deliberately like when I have sex with my wife. But the boy was not my wife, and that made all the difference. His pleasure meant shit to me. My only goal was to fuck his ass and shoot my load. Pump and dump. Innately, he knew that. Deep down inside, he just wanted to be used and dominated. It was a symbiotic transaction. And so I gave him what he wanted, what he needed—my cum.

    “Fuck,” I grunted, tipping my head back as I blasted my load into his eager cunt, filling him with my seed on the same bed on which I impregnated my wife just a few months prior.

    “That was fucking hot,” he exhaled as I pulled out of him, my pearly load clinging to the downy fur ringing his wrecked hole. “Can we—can we maybe do this again sometime?”

    “Sure,” I lied, tossing him his clothes, eager for him to get the fuck out of my house now that the deed was done.

    In truth, I rarely fuck the same boy twice. On a college campus full of horny young guys, there are far too many fish in the sea for me to want to eat the same catch day after day. Tomorrow will deliver a new frat boy to devour.

    “Did you call a realtor?” my wife asked when she got home from work that day. She was oblivious to the clean sheets on our bed, the cum-stained, sweat-soaked sheets in the washing machine. “We need to sell this house.”

    “Sorry, babe,” I apologized, wrapping my strong arms around her, my body freshly showered to remove the earthy funk of sweat, sex, and cum. “We’re not moving. I like it here.”

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  • "Go ahead, this is your one chance," my girlfriend's brother told me.

    I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I put my hands on his stomach and felt his hair. I pushed up to his chest and grabbed his pecs. I ran my thumb around his nipple and felt it tighten.

    My right hand went up past his neck and touched his face and beard. I was so turned on by him, he was such a guy, all the hair. I would have done anything he wanted in that moment.

    I put my head into the middle of his chest and took a deep breath. I felt his hand grab the back of my neck and hold me there and he wrapped his arms around me.

    "Like my smell?" He asked as I buried my face into him.

    "God, yes," I said softly.

    "Suck my nipples," he instructed me.

    I went right for it, put it in my mouth and clamped down on it. I was fucking mush for this guy. I could feel his cock getting hard against my chest as he helped me close. I kept sucking on it, moving to the other, taking breaks to smell his body and rub my face in his hair.

    I couldn't stop myself, I put my hand all in front of his sweats and squeezed his cock. I wanted to make him happy, show him that I could satisfy him.

    "Hey, hands off," he said and grabbed my wrist. "Keep sucking my tit."

    I went back to work and pushed my body against his. I felt his cock throbbing against me as I did. I wanted him so bad but I knew I'd have to play by his rules if I was able to get anymore from him.

    "Does my sister know you're into dudes?" He asked as he pushed his dick forward.

    "I don't think so," I told him and looked up.

    "You need to tell her, she should know," he told me. "Her last boyfriend was too, I don't think you should be worried."

    "Really?" I asked as I kissed his chest and ran my hands all over him.

    "Yeah, really. If you tell her tonight I'll feel better about letting you touch me in other places, you understand?" He said and humped slowly into me.

    I nodded yes and moved my hand back to his cock and held it tight through the fabric of his sweats. He let me stroke him for a moment before he pushed me back.

    "No more touching," he said and pulled his sweats down and let his cock out.

    He had a bunch of hair around his dick and it was perfect. I wanted to suck on it but I knew it wasn't going to happen tonight. He straddled me and pointed his dick towards me. He started stroking pretty fast as I watched and looked up at him. It didn't take him long before he was ready to release.

    "Open your mouth," he demanded.

    I put my hand back on his chest and he didn't protest, he pointed his dick right at me and shot directly into my mouth. I wanted to wrap my lips around him but I resisted.

    He leaned forward making sure to get as much of it in me as he could. I rubbed his chest and stomach as I enjoyed the flavor he was dumping in my mouth. He hit my face with his dick after he was done, just to tease me I'm sure.

    "Tell her," he said and got off. "Or I do."

    "Okay," I replied, so drunk off of him.

    He stuck his tongue out, I copied him. He wiped the tip of his dick on it and then left the room.

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