• Luego de una intensa jornada, olvidémonos de la cotidianidad; en un viaje de los sentidos poco a poco quiero llegar al éxtasis de la lujuria como destino... Te animas a adentrarte conmigo en el profundo arte de la seducción?

    After an intense day, let's forget about everyday life; on a journey of the senses, little by little I want to reach the ecstasy of lust as a destination... Do you dare to delve with me into the deep art of seduction?
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  • I couldn't explain in words how much better it is when he slides into me without a #condom! I know my #husband doesn't like that, but I don't care. I want to feel his big black #cock deep inside me and his warm cum flooding my wet #pussy.
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  • I was invited to dinner by a client of the company. I didn't want to go initially, but for 3 months he insisted. He looks great, but he's a client of the company I work for. In the end I accepted and that's the result I came to. I can say I'm sorry I didn't accept it so far. I knew I would end up fucking him because he knew what a slut I am. Omg,I still want to feel his big cock deep inside me ... My husband liked the idea of fucking Mark in the restaurant.
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