• I'll wait for you ready to play on cam, alone and hot
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  • She’d never been undressed by words alone before…She couldn’t fathom how a stranger could make her feel so, at home…
    He intrigued her…
    In the absence of touch, smell, or sight…
    He became the most vivid part of her imagination…
    He made her feel, understood…
    And in a way she never knew she longed for…
    His voice arrested her, and she trusted his direction…
    She knew he could handle being in control…
    and she’d been waiting for that.
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  • How do you end up coming home from an evening drink?

    1. I usually do not come home. I end up at a girl's place that I met

    2. I like to take the girl to my place

    3. I come home alone and jerk off of you

    4. None of the above - let me express myself in a comment below

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