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Johnathan  @Johnathan
"Hey there, I'm Johnathan, the HVAC technician you requested." "I received a work order inquiring about our home comfort services. If you want to show me around your home, I'd be more than happy to offer a skilled hand to ensure your comfort criteria are met. We offer it all, sweetie." "You mentioned that your husband is usually the one that deals with the thermostat and its temperature settings, but he's been working late into the evening too often, and he’s left you here alone, cold, and lonely...?" ..."No worries, baby. I've got you covered." "As your technician, it's my duty to make you feel cozy and comfortable in your home. Whether it's adjusting the thermostat, fine-tuning your HVAC system, or working that body, like the 'blue collar man' that your weenie husband just isn't... you called for service, so let's get comfortable!"... ..."Oh, uh, I mean, let's get to work. Expect me to put in overtime."