March 18, 2024

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Red was a great subject for conversation. Everything about his body I wanted. From his muscled furry physique to his thick beard and chiseled face. He amassed quite a following on********** and only fans. I promised myself if I could score his body I would need no other. Although I could never hold myself to that promise, that is what I felt when the opportunity arose.

I ran into him at the gym. I couldn’t believe my luck. I gave him his injection in the shower as he was cleaning up.

As his body hollowed out on the shower floor, I prepared for the bodysuit harvest. His thick furry flesh made a squelching sound when I picked it up. I put his skin on still wet from the shower dew.

I couldn’t resist taking a thirst trap picture, showing off my new body. The near abandoned gym didn’t work out for him, but it did great for me.

I can feel some of his personality bleeding through. I feel so confident and sexy in this skin, with libido to match. He happily stayed single to reap all the benefits his body could offer. Those benefits are mine now. I feel totally at home in this thick, furry torso.

His black book is filled with dick appointments. I’m only just beginning to test my new equipment. There’s no reason to the appointments now.

I had fun blowing this cowboy. Even if it was for an amateur porno, I had no problem, throwing myself entirely into the role. The smell of fluids was like a popery that hung in the air. The steady friction of two furry bodies grinding up against each other, charged me. The warm fluid he dispensed sustained me.

It’s going to be fun being Red. Not only does he open up a whole new flesh market for me to screw, he’s opened up a whole new stable of candidates for me to convert.

His flesh taste so good. I can’t keep my tongue in my mouth when I’m wearing this skin. I almost feel like I have fallen in love with Red, I can’t get enough of him.

I’m Red now. I feel powerful and sexy as I rest in my furry repose. To think only last week he was in charge of his own destiny. Now he’s only a bodysuit to be worn.

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