Story time.

You've been waiting twenty minutes for the top to show. You prepped perfectly, you're good to go, you're so fucking excited.

Then the text comes in.

"Not coming today. Too hungover. I'll hit you up again when I'm horny."

The disappointment is wrenching. But just as you're about to go off on a bottom's hissy-fit, you take a deep breath and remember your place. He's a top. He's right. He's wonderful. He's powerful.

You're just a bottom.

That tempers your disappointment. You fetch out your box of toys and fuck yourself into orgasm thinking about all the wonderful tops out there who might one day get to bust one of their amazing loads in your useless hole.

Pleasing tops is all you're good for.#pussyoftheday #anal #cumshot #doublepenetration #eroticphotography
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