Since they gave me an anal plug, I can stop using it, it makes me feel comfortable and fucked in the ass all the time.
At first it made me feel like I was going to the bathroom all the time, but it made me feel a strange pleasure.
Little by little I started to like it and now I've even gone to work with it stuffed up my ass.
The feeling of talking to my boss while I felt anal pleasure is strange...
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Ariana @ArinaMilenia
WHO I AM? Ariana 24 years old I am a very hot Latin girl. WHAT I LIKE MOST IN SEX: I love sex, I like being told nice things but also dirty things. IN PERSON: I love oral sex I love anal sex and there is nothing better than a man or woman who knows how to give me good oral sex. MY FAVORITE POSE: Doggy style for anal sex and also I above him... FAVORITE PLACES FOR SEX: I like how dangerous it is that they can discover me fucking, so I love sex in public places, cars and hotels. I love sex with married men...