ok so i was homeless and hate camping so i found someone who needed something to take care of ! an empty nester or somethin ..
almost 2 and a half years later im living with her at her parents house,im mr handy man ,and live in free use cock. im to remain on sexual alert and perform wherever when ever ,just stay ready..
maybe closer to 3 years we been together and i living in the same room with her at her parents and ive no car so if she aint here i aint goin nowhere 16 miles to closest store!!!32 miles round trip .im totally living misery cept they aint break my ankles yet...
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Grey Leader  @Greyleader
Grey Leader
My cock and i decided we both want to be 9-10 inches about 2.50-2.75 thick and 7 or 8 in diameter 7.50 now 2.50 thick and 6.50 in diameter