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The Temple of Astaroth - Brazilian Witchcraft is a religious organisation dedicated to the celebration and promotion of Luciferianism.
We believe that magic is the Art of bringing about change in the world according to True Will. We offer rituals and magical tools for various purposes, as well as, we explore eroticism and pornography to subvert the moral standards of monotheistic religions that imprison the collective thinking of humanity.
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The mission of the Temple of Astaroth BW is to fight for the total freedom of mankind. Breaking the chains that imprison the mind in subservient patterns conditioned by religious morality. We are a temple of Black Magic supported by the practices of Brazilian Witchcraft and Demonolatry. We walk the Extreme Left Hand Path and we have no restrictions on the techniques of Sexual Magic, Chemo-Gnosis and Animal Sacrifices. We are an independent group that does not have relationships with other organizations. #satanism #luciferianism #templeofastarothbw #occultism #sexmagick