Hello my dear Friends,

It is my birthday on Sunday!!

On the occasion of this special day for me (and my parents ) I want to invite you for a special celebration with me:

Enjoy my company during the weekend and be my guest for my special birthday party with a 30% discount on all my 460 boxes!!!

Use the promocode ThgMb to access the discount and enjoy all my content!

I will be happy to get your good wishes and loving gifts in the form of your eager looks inside my boxes.

Have a wonderful jolly weekend and have a nice glass of your favourite drink for our friendships!

Lots of love,


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Beata Blue @BeataBlue
Beata Blue
I always have a full case of photos which I love sharing with you, showing myself, my intimate and most private moments. Just come on, take a closer look! ;) Flashing in public, outdoor nudity is special fun for me but I also cherish the strictness of a photo studio or simply a nice warm bed... I like to know that you are enjoying yourself, hear your thoughts, suggestions, wishes and get excited by your fantasy! ...ready for your eyes and if you are a photographer, ready for your camera... https://bentbox.co/beatablue