Let me know what you think…. This is the wife in action. Please leave all comments in this album or mail them to me private, bidommilitary@icloud.com. And tell me how bad you want my wife’s tiny white 27 year old cunt. She loves my horse and older men like me. I am 60, rock solid still, I can fuck for hours, and I am 12x8 inches rock hard. Also, looking for a live in male cocksucker and will be hosting a smaller group sex party the middle of March. Email me if interested. Erik

https://photos.app.goo.gl/UKMzosEjBrKauMVW8#hardcore #amateur
Videos that I have either filmed, gotten in the action, or watched….
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Erik @militarybimale
Hello, Erik here, still a bi dom top, farm boy at heart. I learned the true value and meaning of life as a child/teenager working many long hours on our family farm, and without fail, we worked odd hours 7 days/week. Now I have made it to the age of 60 and I run my own show, if you will. I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for. I am still basically rock solid muscle, I do in fact, as you can see, have a 11x8 inch horse cock with balls that are always ready to shoot. I am proud of my sex drive. I will admit that I have always walked the wild side sexually but having been in the Army, I learned real quick what limits were. You did what the ranks that be told you to do, period. Lately I have been into fucking Army men’s wives while the men watch. A very hot, newer scene to me in which we all bust our loads many times. Once a woman gets well lubed on my cock, they start riding it like a bull that is in heat. Nonstop action and never want to get off. Ironically, for whatever reason, this then makes the men either want to suck me off completely while their wife watches, or I have several regulars that come back to me alone to suck. I guess what I am ultimately saying is that I must do what I do sexually, in a great way, if I am able to attract both men/women that call themself “straight”. I learned 20 years ago that labels are for the birds. Everyone crosses the label boundaries. I will update this little introduction now and then as life changes but I want you to email me all the trash that you want. That’s all the fun in email, right you animals? I can normally host here in Lawrence Kansas USA with short notice. Retirement is supposed to be a time in your life where you do pretty much what you want and I intend to live that thought out…. Send me a private message and/or text my cell. Erik