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When 2 former co-workers in IT who have the same interests (girls, cams, livestreams, live chats, pr0n) decide to combine the forces you get a website like Pink Pussy Cams. We had a desire to start up something for our own and we quickly came to the conclusion we should use our passion for pr0n and our IT skills to build a website. The result you see today is the result after hard work, dedication and a lot of hours of building and perfecting the website. We truly started this website out of passion so you can rest assure that we do what we love and we love what we do. Are you on board with us? Our Statement There are a lot of people who think websites or businesses who are in the adult sector are conducting shady business. While the adult sector may have had its struggles and challenges in the past, these struggles and challenges are gone in the digital era of today. As Pink Pussy Cams we clearly state that we do not conduct shady business and we do not tolerate shady business. We are in the game to make money on a fair, accepted and legal way. All women that have a profile on a webcam site are of the right age and are a model by their own free choice. We support the women who became a model by their own choice and support the way they make a living through webcam liveshows and chats. This is the digital era with new opportunities where women can become an entrepeneur and make money with liveshows and chatting. We embrace the digital era and all the possibilities and opportunities that come with it. Welcome to the new way of entrepeneurship. Our Mission Our mission is to become one of the top webcam sites in the world where we offer livestreams and chats of quality with absolutely beautiful, gorgeous women. Quality over Quantity.

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