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We are fun loving Hotwife and Cuckold couple who have been together over thirty years. He the Cuckold is a very dominate and controlling person outside the bedroom. Inside the bedroom or situation, he is very submissive a complete total opposite of his career. She, the Hotwife is soft, large curvy, gentle woman with an amazing attitude. We enjoy the beach and being sexy. Topless on a non-topless beach is always exciting. We find it very erotic, to be daring, to play in public where others may see us. We think it’s great to have adventures with other people. Some people watch porn from inside their closet without their spouse knowing. We think it’s very erotic and it takes a very secure person to watch their spouse have a very erotic night and to be completely pleasured by another person, to have all get excited over it and to want it to happen again and again. The Hotwife has enjoyed the pleasure of a Gentlemen lover from time to time for over 17 years now. She is a heavy curvy and soft, gentle, very kind, yet can be very aggressive when excited and turned on by her gentleman lover. We are enjoy Single Gentlemen who know how to seducing a woman We enjoy pushing the line just a bit, so we are looking for the gentlemen who likes to enjoy life. A positive friendly gentleman who understands the Hotwife and Cuckold lifestyle without the humiliation. She likes to share with a gentleman who can carry on a good conversation without having to mention her breast, someone who knows how to have fun and how to treat a woman. Race is not an issue matter of fact the Hotwife prefers a Black Gentleman with eight or more inches and lots of stamina and a heavy cummer. So, please don’t be the one to put that look of disappointment on her face. He is a visually oriented person who loves to watch his Hotwife with others, He finds this better than watching porn. For him this is a double treat seeing her being pleasured thru great love making and an ultimate live visual experience. We enjoy a real single Gentlemen, we mean a real Gentlemen who is clean cut, polite funny and intelligent. Must smell good. Threesomes are good, four or more is cool, adding one, two or more other Gentlemen to the mix could be a welcome adventure. She loves to be seduced in public, lightly touching her neck, and kissing her ears when he leans in a like whisper fashion. A gentleman who knows when to lightly run the back of his fingertips over her tender spots; her neck, her breast, her inner thighs, while being discrete enough but yet slightly exposing her private parts where someone else can get a slight glimpse of what’s going on. That sort of public display of affection that’s semi obvious enough to get others nearby to notice. To be slight enough to get others talking about it and them to know her husband is there watching another man touching and exposing his Hotwife. This type of eroticism thing can even excite the strangers that are watching. Do you think you can bring out her inner sex kitten? What she likes is a Gentlemen that has the strength to persuade her mentally to get her to do things out of the norm. Once this happens she loves the feeling of her inner desire taking over and turning her into an illustrious animal in heat. He, the Cuckold husband, loves to help her get ready for her dates. He goes clothes shopping for her to make sure she has the right seductive clothing. Low cut see through tops or mini dresses, short tight pants or miniskirts, no bras or panties, he wants to make sure her dates will have easy access to her sensual parts even in public. He will help shower her and shave her kitty smooth, help dress her and then drive her to the meeting place. He likes to take her in to see her lover and watch them embrace in public while standing next to them. Once they are together, he steps back enough to give them their space, yet close enough to let others know he is the cuck husband just there to watch his hot wife be seduced and taken. He likes to follow them to the hotel room or bedroom, and stays to watch and help where needed, making drinks, helping them undress, preparing private parts, taking video or photos, and when they are done and just cuddling the cuckold husband cleans up her cum filled kitty eating all their love juices with his tongue or whatever is needed or demanded by everyone. Once done he makes them drinks or whatever else they desire. He is there to support their night of love making or just simply sits back out of the way and watches his hotwife be taken over and over again

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