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While I am not interested in defining or confining anyone, I relish the thought of shaping and sculpting a classy lady into a dirty whore for the fulfilment of my needs and desires. Do you consider yourself to be a perverse woman, a nymphomaniac slut or a three holed gangbang whore, or would you love to be ? Look no further, you have come to the right address ! For reasons of discretion, my nude photos are visible to friends only, so do send me a friendship request. For those of you who understand Dutch, make sure to read the various ideas on bdsm ("Zo zie ik mijn ideale bdsm-relatie" and "Drie min of meer samenhangende gedachten en een apart sprookje als uitsmijter") in my “journal” (to the left), for they will provide you with the necessary clarifications and nuances to my explicit and up-front profile (below). Do not get fooled or unnecessarily spooked by "De 50 gedragsregels van de slavin" and "Catechismus van de Driegatenhoer". I am a rather handsome, kinky, dominant gentleman looking for an eager, submissive and (preferably) perverse female slut/slave. Your age and looks are unimportant to me, your attitude and craving nature on the other hand are paramount. You are an intelligent woman, a classy lady in the vanilla world, preferably with a sweet and cheerful disposition, at least towards me; if you are a vicious bitch to other people, I will not hold it against you – on the contrary, it turns me on hugely – since there is only one person who needs to love you: I. You have a soft spot for the kind of gentleman who will go to great lengths to fulfill all your uncontrollable urges and burning desires and you are not immune to falling in love with such a person. To balance the above, you have a (very) submissive personality with a (strong) desire to serve and adore. You are prone to (extremely) perverse cravings and you exhibit clear nymphomaniac tendencies. In short, you are a blushing but worm-eaten apple and I will adore you for it. I will polish you with a lot of care and dedication until you shine like never before and I will feed the worm in your perverted heart until it has eaten its fill ! You are in need of a caring, committed, devoted, alert and imaginative dominant master with a healthy sense of humour, a potent lover to train you strictly but patiently to become the taboo-free fuck slut you really are, so that - in time - he can show you off as his proud property, his perfectly trained three-holed-whore, his anal bitch, his cum slut and greedy urinal for intense and simultaneous use in your three fuck holes by himself and groups of ruthless stags and bulls, carefully selected to care for your every need. This gentle son of a bitch considers the road we will be traveling together to the above objective far more important than reaching that ultimate goal and I would consider it a great honour, Madam, to guide you on your way and accompany you faithfully throughout the entire journey. The following things make you really horny: deepthroat, hair pulling, choking and slapping (face, tits, bottom...), staged rape, anal training, stretching your holes, huge objects and fisting, double penetration in cunt and ass, extreme cum games (bukkake and gokkun), golden showers that leave you with dripping wet hair, having your mouth filled with piss and swallowing it happily and thankfully… (see the list below for many more fetishes), but if your wish list has fewer boxes to tick off, I will think no less of you. The submissive, coquettish and perverse slut who is committed to making this sweet bastard truly happy, will be treated as a true princess and will be loved to bits (or shreds, more likely). I am not looking for a frivolous butterfly but for a genuine sub/slave for life, a classy whore who knows what it means to truly give and not hold back, on whom I will gladly spend my free time, my dedicated attention and my unadulterated love and admiration. So, Madame, if you feel titillated, excited or challenged by these prospects, do not hesitate to send me a message and ask for a friendship request, even if you believe you do not entirely fit the picture. It is but a painting of my ultimate dream woman. If you are eager to really get to know me and are willing to truly commit yourself, you will find in me a honest, caring and very grateful lover and Master. I live to the south of the capital, so Brussels and Oost-Vlaanderen are easiest for me to reach.

with love and awesomeness
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