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Your Good Pal Shittney On Onlyfans. [9.99$ a month.] @shittney Top 10% Of Creators. My name is Brittney Crites. The nickname my uncle gave me as a child has ZERO to do with skat. I was born April 29, 1991 Wadsworth Ohio. My hair is black and blue. I have blue eyes. I am curvey and thick. I am single by choice and staying that way. I run 2 Onlyfans and have a real job. These Onlyfans are the closest to me anyone is ever going to get. That is why they are there. My content includes: ~Video messaging for those who turn renew on. ~ Solo Masterbation, Dildo/Toys, Orgams. ~Erotic photography nude as lingerie, tights, thigh highs, etc. ~Amateur Videos of me being fucked. ~Amateur Videos of me giving head/blowjob. POV. ~Deepthroat ~Whatever else I want. Follow and sub today:

  • Akron, OH, USA
  • Female
  • Single
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