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Hi everyone, I am here to reblog what I like, teaching from time to time on what I am good at or something new that I am currently exploring. I am also here to learn about female orgasm from females all over different blocks of life.

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  • I apologize to everyone for being less active for a while. My children virtual class and my sixteen years old shih tzu passed away have got into me in the past weeks. I am working on welcoming my new puppy to my family next month. I have read and study over a thousand pages on canine nutrition, Shih Tzu specific, and also canine grooming. I will definitely be back to update fun Shih Tzu puppy development as it progress. Once again, I apologize for being away for a while. I will update Shih Tzu as a diary formats by creating group as it matures, really any breed is welcome, video, picture, writing, and communication. Everything goes no matter which life block you are in as long as it is not offensive. I do Learn from trainer from obedience, protection, and all the way up to detection. What I haven’t learn is search and rescue. Almost complete but not all. I am hoping to be useful and meaningful in the community. I think dog community will be very meaningful because I will have a lot to share for sixteen year or more and everyone can eyewitness how long the dog live with the new dog food and supplements I change.
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  • I ask all of you to please help me as global citizen to help me get out of my current situation. I work and lead hotel during this pandemic to support medical personnel’s but I need to get all the help I can get to reset my brain. I have never ever read news much in my life and yet because of this pandemic, I have ridiculously watching and read news, I really mean every since second that I can find time. I need your help, I am not a person who give up until it is safe for all of my team members but this pandemic have reach excruciating level for me. I don’t want to allow any of my colleagues to be hurt and we have to serve our medical personnel’s in order to get better. Please help me reset my brain, it is long road before we can get back to normal again worldwide.
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  • Hi everyone, I just want to let you all know I haven’t forget about AN community here. I have being studying E books about essential oils and applying what I learn about essential oils to relieve my wife back sore, plantar fasciitis, and tight shoulder. I also have being using Jeanie massage to massage my wife tight spot with essential oil blend that I make and dilute with carrier oil. This is the very first step for me to blend essential oil and in the future I plan’s to make more complex essential oil blend for body butter and I also plan to infuse the carrier oil as well. Complex essential oil blend and infuse oil dry raw material is very costly and therefore I actually are spending time to save up for the budget. I actually are postponing the balcony garden project and prioritizing on the body butter because the essential blend will stabilize most of my wife and my health issues as we aging so we can possibly reduce the synthetic medicine to the minimum if it cannot be completely eliminated. I still believe most likely with proper transition and carefully testing by blood work and blood pressure check, completely eliminate synthetic medicine is possible. Of course with normal diet without going extreme. I wish I have body butter at this moment to show but I don’t have body butter in that level of complexity at this moment. I can’t start to infuse oil at all even if I wanted to because I choose to infuse with highest catechin level green tea leaves from Taiwan and the harvest won’t start until one to two month from now. I planned to do six times infusion and each time is eight week cold method. From there, it takes one week for essential oils blend to be fully ready for use, thereafter, the rest of body butter materials come in and that is the earliest time body butter can be start. Six times infusion definitely have very high concentration of catechin and in the essential oil blend there is green tea essential oil as well. Essential oil blend have eleven different essential oils so the scent with eventually balance to different level as well so it will not be really green tea centered. I did do it in the intention of therapeutic value as top priority and scent as second priority when it is possible. How are we going to use it? My wife apply to the spots I have hard time to reach of if she is welling to she apply to my whole body and I apply to her whole body daily. It covers every single aspect from medical all the way to sexual wellbeing. I will still make the scent as sweet as possible because both my wife and I like sweet scent.
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  • This is important partition, I don’t usually like to post this nature of posting in AN but corona virus is world epidemic for the entire humanity so I ask you all for help.
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    Call for the resignation of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General
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  • Hi all my AN friends and teachers, as most of you knows December to end of March is usually the busiest time for my family due to Taekwondo competition preparation, well, due to corona virus going around my entire family cancels this years competitions and trip. There will be a whole lot more together time to interact with all of you. Balcony garden is still in development, however, the water leaking issue is not completely stabilize but I promise to all of you, once it is stabilize and beautiful, I will take the beautiful moment of the garden for all of you. The religious sanctuary timing for the balcony garden is unknown because I have so many projects I wish to do and one might slow down on the other. One of my goal this year is to make more potent therapeutic body butter this year. I will create the page when the time matures. The essential oils is really expensive since I have to get it from credible source in order to have the therapeutic effect. I will have my recipe as I progress deeper and deeper for the years to come. I do read hundreds of pages on essential oils, body butter, and also infused oil. Please forgive me if you did send me invitation and I missed you, I being busy and barely back now because corona virus ruined every planning. If you still welcome me to join, please resend the invitation to me. AN have transited to only have certain number of notification that is allow to trace back so I am really not doing it intentionally. I really do looking forward on what I can make your life more colorful and how you can teach me more on female sexuality.
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