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I am doing this for Likes and Comments. Is that too much to ask? I am here for inspiration/recognition. The more feedback you give, the more I will be posting. Kyoko Neko, Sexy Cat-Girl From Outer Space - banned from Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Reddit and others; Click on PHOTOS to find the ALBUMS. In the ALBUMS: please right-click on the desired Comic and choose OPEN IN NEW WINDOW to get an eye-friendly size. Or SAVE TO DISK ^^. If you consider visiting my (Kyoko´s) website: it is free of ads, free of charge and free of violence. For the harder stuff you will need to register (also free). Everyone welcome: art/comics/cartoons can not be porn ^^ (43% of Kyoko´s readers are female and I am proud of it). If you have questions, fire away :)

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