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Semi-Retired, handsome, blond gay guy in AZ who self-identifies as an ORAL COCK WORSHIPER. Hosting or traveling for sessions with men and boys who embrace and accept the power of their cocks and understand the intense connection between themselves as feeders and cocksuckers like me. Buzz words for me include: multicummers, exhibitionists, bulging briefs and gear, silicone cockrings, priapics, hypersexuals, sex addicts and guys who started having sex young, adult male incest survivors who loved getting sucked off as a kid, role play, older/younger, adult theatres, cockworship and men of all sexual orientations who agree that a mouth is a mouth and that sperm is a terrible thing to waste. I'm looking for real-life hook-ups, not virtual or fantasy sex. Cock is god to me.

Tucson, AZ Male
with love and awesomeness