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I'm always HORNY AS FUCK, and looking for some serious Sling action at your place or mine. I'm a hungry-holed, bubble-butt insatiable Versatile Bottom. I'm into Fisting/Fucking/Nip Work & clamps/Sucking Cock/Dildos & Butt Plugs/ Leather/Porn/Rimming/Blindfolds/Being filmed or “camming”, and much more (just ask). I'm NOT into Piss, Shit, Spit or other kind of "raunch".  I also have “Blindfolded-And-Used”, Doctor, Police, and Exhibitionist fantasies, if you're interested. I'm looking for a man or two for sex ANY TIME. So, if you're interested in getting together, please send a message so we can set up a MEATing between us.

with love and awesomeness