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  • “I think we should talk about last night,” I said, wrapping my arms around my boyfriend.

    “We don’t have to talk about it,” he shrugged, trying to evade the conversation.

    “No. I think we should,” I insisted. “You’ve barely said a word this morning. You seem upset.”

    “It’s okay—really,” he demurred. “It was your birthday. I wanted to do it for you.”

    “Yes—but—it seems like you didn’t enjoy it,” I observed.

    “No—I did enjoy it,” my boyfriend claimed. “But did you have to invite thirty guys? It was sort of a lot.”

    “You’re right. I’m sorry,” I acknowledged. “I didn’t think they would all want to fuck you.”

    “It would have been fine if they each dumped a load in me and then left,” he suggested. “But they kept getting back in line, dumping load after load in me for hours. It was exhausting.”

    “I’m really sorry. But you took it like a champ,” I praised him. “You’re an amazingly talented power bottom.”

    “Thanks,” he replied flatly.

    “You still seem upset. What’s eating you?” I prompted, stroking his back. “You can tell me.”

    “I guess—I guess I’m just trying to understand why you invited him?” my boyfriend asked hesitantly.

    “Who?” I responded, confused.

    “Uh—your fucking dad,” he replied, derisively. “He seemed to really enjoy fucking my ass. It was kinda creepy.”

    “I get that taking my dad’s cock was kinda fucked up,” I admitted. “But it was really hot watching Dad breeding your ass, and you seemed to like his big dick.”

    “Yeah, I guess I did. He’s really hung,” my boyfriend admitted. “But now it’s gonna be weird whenever I see your dad—knowing he dumped four loads up my ass while you and thirty guys watched.”

    “I understand,” I sympathized. “Look—I don’t want to pressure you, but Dad is still here. He crashed on the couch after the party last night. He’s already asked if he can fuck you again this morning.”

    “Why the hell not?” my boyfriend acquiesced, pulling down his pajama bottoms and climbing on the bed, his ass ready to be mounted. “Send him in here.”

    “That’s my good, slutty cum dump,” I beamed proudly. “How about I make us some pancakes while Dad breeds your sloppy hole?”

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