• Stepmom Seduces Sam Preview (2023) - After hanging out all night with the girls at a Nightclub and grinding on several guys that weren't my husband I came home really horny! My Stepson Sam was concerned about where I was all night and all I was concerned with was getting laid! Imagine you are Sam as I suck and fuck my realistic dildo! #dildosucking #dildofucking #taboo
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  • Phil Me Up Preview (2023) - Ever wonder how a date with me would end? Phil did when he asked me to make this Custom Video. Let me show you my skills POV with a brand new realistic dildo I just bought. Imagine maybe one day you'll work up the courage to ask me out and be my personal dildo at the end of the night. #dildosucking #dildofucking #MILF #POV
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  • free preview to this years Halloween movie "knock knock" due out on the 31st...

    it´s filthy & a little spooky, not so spooky as when the bats flew out on me at the caves on one of my preview vids lol...

    but still a little scary! Don´t answer your door on the 31st!
    #amateur #milf #lingerieoftheday #hardcore #blowjob
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  • Male Ordered Panties Preview (2009) - My first ever panty stuffing video and first time ever selling a pair of my panties to a fan! A very happy fan at that! #PantyStuffing #Panties #DildoFucking #FingerFucking #POV
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  • G-Spot Gushing Preview (2010) - If you finger my pussy and rub my g-spot the right way I will squirt or shall I say gush. Who want's to give it a shot? Maybe bring a raincoat incase I get too wet for you! #squirting #Fingering #POV #Hitachi #BigTits
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  • Eat My Pussy Preview (2010) - I'm not normally a demanding woman but when I'm horny and my pussy starts throbbing I can't help but demand that a man brings his tongue over and uses it for what it's meant for! Don't worry I always return the favour! #PussyEating #Blowjob #CumOnTits #Squirting #BigTits
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