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  • Wrap me up in the warmth of your arms let me hear your heart beating as we lay down on the bed with a blanket over us. As I hear your heart beating from inside your chest all I can do is close my eyes and imagine what we would be doing if I wasn’t freezing from the cold winter air.. snow is falling and glistening we decide to go outside and make a snowman, have a snowball fight and end up making snow angels. After playing outside we needed to go inside to warm up so we went into the bathroom to take a nice steamy shower to warm up. Instead of taking separate showers we took one together. Kissing, touching each other I bend over for you, it feels amazing for us both you slide your hand down to my pussy and start fingering me making me cum and squirt all over you . Choke me while you are making me have a great time, we decided we wanted to talk this to the bed so we stop to get out of the shower dry of a bit and jump on to the bed.
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  • outside on my balcony wearing a bohemian style, long white skirt & loose top revealing my cleavage & sunglasses. Caressing my natural tits & hitching up my skirt, revealing my pantyless pussy, masturbating & rubbing my clit, I bend over flashing my ass. Spreading & fingering my asshole, I lay back on a sunlounger, parting my legs, with my thighs spread, using a sex toy, I fuck my wet tight pussy, fucking the length of the dildo, pumping my cunt until I cum. Rubbing off, sucking my juices from the toy.
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