• Lusting Demian Preview (2023) - Demian usually orders Custom Photo's from me but when he asked for a video of me finger fucking myself to orgasm while moaning his name I couldn't wait to start playing with myself! I closed my eyes and imagined him fucking my pussy and instantly came hard! If U love real female orgasms with lots of closeup shots of my pussy lips spread you'll love this one! #solo #fingerfucking #masturbation
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  • Lusting Demian (2023) - Demian usually orders Custom Photo's from me but when he asked for a video of me finger fucking myself to orgasm while moaning his name I couldn't wait to start playing with myself! I closed my eyes and imagined him fucking my pussy and instantly came hard! If U love real female orgasms with lots of closeup shots of my pussy lips spread you'll love this one! #solo #fingerfucking #masturbation
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  • Make Me Cum Michael Preview (2023) - I'm always horny and when you asked if I could moan your name I was more than willing to as it helps me cum Michael! I close my eyes and imagine you having your way with me, so close your eyes too and imagine your cock thrusting deep inside me Michael #DildoFucking #Hitachi #Orgasm
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  • Make Me Cum Michael (2023) - I'm always horny and when you asked if I could moan your name I was more than willing to as it helps me cum Michael! I close my eyes and imagine you having your way with me, so close your eyes too and imagine your cock thrusting deep inside me Michael #DildoFucking #Hitachi #Orgasm
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  • I know you actually want his cock- look at this hot creampie fall out of me! I see your eyes wandering you didn't want to watch us fuck, you just want his cock #creampie #cuck #dirtytalk #couple
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  • I know you actually want his cock- look at this hot creampie fall out of me! I see your eyes wandering you didn't want to watch us fuck, you just want his cock #creampie #cuck #dirtytalk #couple
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  • Owen was sitting on top of the toilet in the last stall, his boots spread wide, sucking his lollipop. “You want a taste?” he taunted, holding out the lollipop, his tongue stained cherry red. I wanted more than a taste. I wanted to fucking devour him.

    “Your sorry ass is coming out with me tonight,” my roommate Finn had insisted earlier that evening.

    “Ugh. Just leave me alone,” I protested.

    “Dude,” Finn scoffed. “You haven’t left this apartment since Reese dumped you two weeks ago. You need to get out. You need to get laid. It’s the only way you’re gonna move on.”

    “Fine,” I acquiesced, rummaging through the pile of neglected laundry in the corner of my room for something to wear.

    “Put on your CK jeans—the tight ones,” Finn insisted. “They make your dick look huge.”

    Thirty minutes and one Uber ride later, we were standing in line to get into Club Throb, the new gay club in the Village.

    “Christ,” I groaned, spotting several guys in line wearing cowboy boots and Stetson hats. “You didn’t tell me it’s country western night.”

    “Like it fucking matters,” Finn objected. “The only goal here tonight is to get your dick wet.”

    Once inside, the dance floor was a sea of twinks, clad in boots and Daisy Dukes, grinding up against any warm body that parted their waters while Tim McGraw blasted from the DJ booth.

    “See anything you like?” Finn asked as we sipped our vodka tonics at the bar and looked out at the dance floor. “There’s gotta be some piece of ass out there who you’d like to fuck.”

    “Nothing yet,” I lied, for my eyes had settled on one particular guy on the dance floor. Tall and statuesque in a pair of boots, he looked cute as fuck with a lollipop stick hanging out of one side of his mouth. Dancing alone in the middle of the floor, a spotlight illuminated his every move. And then it happened—he looked toward the bar and locked eyes with me. I gave a bashful smile as he rolled the lollipop from one corner of his mouth to the other. And then he was parting the floor, making a bee line towards me.

    “I’m Owen,” he smiled as he approached me, never taking the lollipop out of his mouth.

    “Uh—I’m Martin,” I stammered. “And this is my roommate—” I turned toward Finn, but he had already abandoned me, leaving me to sink or swim on my own with Owen.

    Never good at small talk, I suddenly felt dumb and awkward in front of Owen. Standing in front of me, his shirt undone to show off his lithe body, I realized he was several years younger than me, probably just barely old enough to get into the club. I found myself looking down at his boots, which appeared to be too big for him.

    “They’re my dad’s boots,” Owen explained, noting I was staring at them. “I borrowed them for tonight. You kinda remind me of my dad,” he smiled.

    “Jesus,” I laughed. “Because I’m older than you?”

    “No,” Owen shook his head. “Because you’re, like, really handsome. You wanna dance?”

    “Um—sure,” I answered, still taken aback that this cute, young guy was into me. “Lemme just finish this drink first.”

    Unwilling to wait, Owen grabbed the vodka tonic out of my hand and, tipping it back with the lollipop still in his mouth, downed the drink in one, quick gulp. “Now it’s finished,” Owen winked, slamming the empty tumbler down on the bar top and leading me out into the crowd.

    Our chemistry on the dance floor was unreal. Owen pushed his body against mine, grinding into me. He smelled amazing—an intoxicating mix of sweat and Sauvage cologne, with a slight undertone of cherries from his lollipop. Gyrating his ass against my crotch, my big dick hardening in response, there was no question that Owen was down to fuck.

    “You wanna get out of here?” I shouted into his ear, struggling to be heard over a Rascal Flatts song that was booming through the club. “Come back to my place?”

    “No. I want you inside me now,” Owen shouted back. “Meet me in the men’s room, last stall.” But before I could protest, Owen had slipped away from me, charging through the crowd towards the men’s room.

    I’m no prude. I know guys fuck in the men’s room at gay clubs all the time, but shit like that had never been my scene. I felt conflicted. I liked Owen, and I really wanted to fuck him, but I couldn’t wrap my brain around a tawdry, toilet-stall fuck. Just then, my roommate Finn appeared at my side.

    “What happened to the hottie, the one you were dancing with?” Finn asked, scanning the club.

    “He—uh—he wants me to fuck his ass in the men’s room,” I explained hesitantly.

    “Then why the fuck are you standing out here?” Finn demanded. “Get your ass in that men’s room and fuck the shit out of that hot, little twink. Dude. You need to live a little.”

    Finn was right. I needed to live, and I needed to get over my bad breakup with Reese. Fucking Owen in the men’s room at Club Throb was just what the doctor ordered. Pushing my way through the crowd, I made my way to the men’s room.

    Owen was sitting on top of the toilet in the last stall, his boots spread wide, sucking his lollipop. “You want a taste?” he taunted, holding out the lollipop, his tongue stained cherry red.

    “Yeah,” I replied, taking his lollipop into my mouth, a burst of cherry on my tongue as I pushed the stick to the corner of my mouth. “But I want more from you than this fucking lollipop.”

    “It’s all yours,” Owen responded, standing and dropping his pants, bracing himself against the toilet, his firm ass presented for my use. His hole looked wet and puffy—unquestionably used.

    “You already had some cock in here tonight?” I asked, my finger probing his cummy hole.

    “Yeah,” he turned back and winked. “One or two—or five,” he laughed. “Why not make it number six?”

    Normally, I’m not the type to go around fucking sloppy cum dumps. But I couldn’t turn down Owen’s ass. He was hot as fuck, and his pink cunt, rimmed with a fine layer of downy fur, was just begging to be defiled. With his lollipop still in my mouth, I unzipped my pants, pulled out my hard eight-incher, and mounted Owen with one, quick thrust.

    “Fuck, you’re thick,” Owen gasped, bracing himself against the toilet. “Damn, you’ve got a hole stretcher.”

    “Glad you like it,” I replied, raising his ass to go deeper. His wet cunt felt incredible and was exactly what I needed. Grabbing Owen by the shoulders, I began a calculated assault on his ass, with the goal of dumping a massive load inside his used hole.

    “Yeah, fuck me,” Owen moaned. “Fucking destroy my hole.”

    Giving him his wish, I began to jackhammer his hole at a frenzied pace. My balls were slapping hard against his ass, when I looked over my shoulder and realized I hadn’t closed the stall door. A voyeuristic crowd of guys had gathered in the men’s room to watch us.

    “Yeah—fuck his ass,” called out one guy.

    “I’m next to plug him,” laughed another.

    Plowing Owen’s ass with a crowd watching and cheering me on from behind was a major turn on. I wanted to last longer in his amazing cunt, but it was a losing battle. The cum rising in my shaft, I knew my load was imminent.

    “I’m about to bust,” I warned Owen urgently, giving him one, last, deep thrust.

    “Yeah, breed me,” Owen begged.

    “Seed that faggot,” shouted someone in the crowd, just as my nuts contracted and expelled my load deep inside Owen, flooding his guts.

    “Fuck, that was good,” I exhaled, pulling out of Owen, my load dripping from his wrecked hole with an audible splat on the tiled floor. “Lemme buy you a drink,” I offered Owen as I stuffed my spent cock back into my jeans.

    “Um—I think I’m gonna stay in here a bit longer,” he replied, eyeing the eager crowd of horny guys who had gathered in the men’s room.

    “Oh—uh—sure,” I agreed, suddenly feeling a bit dejected. “You want your lollipop back?” I offered, taking it from my mouth.

    “You keep it,” Owen winked.

    “I’d rather have your number,” I replied, sucking on the lollipop again. “I’d love to see you again.”

    “Sure, man,” Owen agreed. “Give me your phone.” Owen quickly tapped out his number in my list of contacts, and returned the phone to me.

    “Thanks,” I offered sheepishly, stepping aside as the next guy entered the stall, his pants already unzipped, his hard cock eager to be inside Owen’s wet, used hole.

    Staggering back into the booming sound of the club, I tried to find Finn. I finally spotted him on the dance floor, grinding up against a burly bearded guy in leather chaps. Good for him, I smiled to myself. Leaving the heated frenzy of Club Throb, I stood in the cool night air of the sidewalk and summoned an Uber. Snug in my bed a half hour later, my balls emptied, I slept like a baby.

    I waited three days before calling Owen, as I didn’t want to seem too desperate to see him again. With my heart in my throat, I dialed his number. A woman answered. The number he had given me was to a candy shop in SoHo, specializing in lollipops. She didn’t know anyone named Owen.


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  • https://t.me/+qIkl6VOqKIRkNjc0

    “You want a smoke?” the soldier asked while lighting up a cigar, puffing it to a start. “We’re going to be here for a few hours. We might as well enjoy ourselves.” I declined the cigar, but not his cock.

    It was my first big assignment for a major news outlet. I was imbedded with a military unit on an intervention mission in the Middle East. My instructions were to interview soldiers and to write about their daily lives in a war zone. On my second day there, I accompanied the unit on a supply mission. A blockade in the supply route was identified a mile ahead, and one soldier and I were left behind in a cargo vehicle while the others moved ahead to secure our route.

    The soldier keeping me company was hot as fuck. He had the typical look of a military man with the buzz cut, the fatigues, and a tattoo on his forearm. He was muscular and exuded that cocky masculinity that is typical of young soldiers. I wanted him in the worst way. In the real world, this guy would never look my way. But thrown together in a cargo vehicle halfway across the world, he had no choice but to talk with the faggot reporter sitting with him.

    “It can get boring on these supply missions,” he confessed as we stared out of the vehicle. “That’s why I always have a few of these with me,” he said while pulling a cigar from the shoulder sack he had with him. “Helps to pass the time.” He then pulled out another cigar and asked, “You want a smoke?” while offering it to me.

    “No, thanks,” I politely declined. “I’m not much for cigars. But you go ahead.” I had to stop myself from saying that I’d much rather smoke his cock.

    “I wasn’t much for them either until I joined the service,” the soldier shared while lighting the cigar and puffing it to a start. A cloud of gray smoke encircled him. He looked hot as fuck with the cigar in his mouth, masculine in a way I could never pull off. I could feel my cock getting hard. He was quiet as he enjoyed his smoke but, as a journalist, I needed him to talk.

    “What do you miss the most from home?” I asked him. I often open this way in interviews. It’s an easy way to get a shy soldier to talk about himself. I usually get answers like: “I miss my mom’s meatloaf,” or “I miss going to football games.” Typical stuff.

    So I was a bit surprised when this soldier, after taking a long drag on his cigar, replied, “I miss pussy.”

    I gave a quick, uncomfortable laugh, assuming he was just trying to be funny.

    “No, I’m serious, bro,” the soldier continued. “I haven’t gotten my cock wet in months. Not getting laid … well, it fucks with your mind. I think about pussy nonstop.”

    I nodded my head in sympathy, not wanting to divulge my love for cock just yet.

    “You must know what it’s like,” he tried to equate, flicking some ash over the side of the vehicle. “You’re far from home, too. When’s the last you got your dick in some snatch?”

    I hesitated, but decided to be honest. “I don’t fuck pussy,” I said quietly. “I’m gay.”

    The soldier was undeterred. “Okay. Ass then. When’s the last you fucked some ass?” he wanted to know.

    I couldn’t believe the conversation had taken this turn, but I wasn’t about to back away from it. “I’m a bottom,” I shared. “Guys fuck my ass.”

    The soldier’s eyes grew wide. I could almost see his wheels turning, and I wasn’t going to miss my chance.

    “You wanna fuck my ass, soldier?” I offered, locking eyes with him.

    “I’m not gay, bro. I don’t fuck guys,” he spat while pulling the cigar from his mouth. “Look, I know that shit happens in the military. I hear the rumors. But that’s not for me.” He stood up abruptly and looked out of the cargo vehicle once more. And that’s when I noticed he was hard.

    “Dude, you don’t have to be gay to fuck a guy,” I countered. “Do you know how many straight guys I’ve had? Well, shit. I bent over for two other soldiers in your platoon just last night.” I was bluffing.

    “I don’t want to hear that shit,” the soldier barked. “It’s not my business.” And yet he was still hard.

    “Man, they loved fucking my tight hole,” I fibbed, taunting him. “They said I’ve got the best cunt they’ve ever had.” I was laying it on thick when, suddenly, the soldier pushed me face down on the floor of the cargo vehicle.

    “Shut the fuck up, faggot,” he ordered as he put down his cigar. I thought he was about to beat me, but he was soon yanking down my pants. I could hear him undoing his belt as he pinned me down with one, strong arm.

    “You want this cock, faggot?” he demanded. “Well you’re gonna fuckin’ get it.”

    He spit on my hole and suddenly I was ripped in two. Holy fuck, he was thick. With one quick thrust, he was balls deep inside me. I’ve had enough cock to know he was easily over eight inches.

    “You like this cock, faggot?” he asked while rapidly pummeling my hole.

    I nodded quickly in assent while trying to catch my breath. Jesus, his cock felt good.

    “I can’t hear you,” he barked. “I said … do you like this big fucking cock?”

    I turned my head toward him and cried out, “Yes. Fucking give it to me. Breed this fucking hole.”

    “That’s it, faggot,” he growled as he moved his strong hands to the small of my back while beginning to jackhammer my hole. “You want this load?” he demanded. “Because you’re about to get it.”

    Instantly, I could feel his big cock pulsing and spurting inside me. “Aww, SHIT … DAMN,” he cried out as he collapsed upon me. His massive load spilled from my gaping hole as he pulled out of me, and I could feel him cleaning off his cock on the back of my pants. Fucker.

    The soldier’s radio suddenly sputtered, and he engaged in coded communication that had no meaning to me. His camo pants were down around his ankles and his cock was still hard as he spoke with the soldier on the other end of the radio. Finally, he clicked off the device.

    “They’ve secured the supply route,” he reported, “but it’s gonna be another hour before they return.”

    The soldier then picked up his cigar and took a long drag as I stood and pulled up my pants over my used ass.

    “What the fuck are you doing?” he demanded incredulously. “Didn’t you hear me? We’ve got another hour, and I’ve got at least two more loads in these balls. So pull those pants back down again, faggot.”

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  • https://t.me/+qIkl6VOqKIRkNjc0

    My buddy’s dad was on the couch, his shirt and tie undone, his pants around his ankles. Some type of gangbang porn was on the TV screen, a moaning bitch with huge jugs getting tagged by a roomful of dudes with pornstar cocks.

    “Shit . . . I’m sorry, Mr. Flannigan,” I stammered, pretending to cover my eyes, yet covertly stealing a look at his big, floppy cock resting upon his hairy thigh. “Peter said you were working late. I didn’t realize you were home.”

    “No worries,” he replied. “It was a rough day at the office. Thought I’d unwind with some porn.”

    “Uh—cool,” I replied, still trying to ignore the elephant in the room—his big dick. “Well, I was just getting a beer from the fridge.”

    “You want some scotch instead?” he asked reaching for an open bottle on the coffee table and taking a swig straight from it.

    “Thanks, but I’m not so big on the hard stuff,” I shrugged continuing into the kitchen.

    “You college boys,” he accused with a laugh as I returned with a can of Budweiser, “all you drink is beer. This scotch here will put some hair on your chest.”

    “Is that why you’re so hairy, Mr Flannigan?” I teased, my eyes traveling up and down his body.

    “You better fuckin’ believe it,” he winked, fondling his furry chest slowly for my benefit. “And you can call me Mike. You’re a man now, so you can drop the mister shit.”

    “Okay—uh—Mike,” I replied awkwardly. But he ignored me, his eyes returning to the bitch on the screen who was sucking some hairy guy’s huge dick while getting her pussy railed from behind by a muscled, tatted guy. I started to head back upstairs.

    “Wait,” Mike called to me, his eyes traveling towards the stairs. “Where’s Peter?”

    “He’s asleep” I replied. “We shot some hoops down at the park after dinner, and then he fell asleep playing video games upstairs when we got home. Peter said I could crash here tonight. Is that cool?”

    “Definitely,” Mike answered. “You and Peter are best buds. You’re always welcome to stay here.”

    “Uh—thanks,” I replied, moving toward the stairs again.

    “Wait,” Mike called out once more, his eyes appraising me. “Since Peter is asleep . . . you wanna hang down here with me? Maybe watch some porn together?”

    Jesus Christ, I couldn’t believe this was really happening. I had been attracted to Peter’s dad since, well, puberty. And it didn’t help that Mike Flannigan was known for being unable to keep his dick in his pants.

    Peter and I were in high school when his parents divorced. His mom had come home from work early one day and caught Mike banging their cleaning lady up against the kitchen counter. After the divorce, it was rumored that Mike was slipping it to several desperate housewives in the neighborhood. But could I really be his next target?

    “Well?” Mike prompted, interrupting my thoughts, his cock growing hard in his right hand. “You wanna watch some porn with me or not?”

    “Uh—sure,” I agreed, trying not to appear overly eager as I sat on the couch next to Mike and placed my beer on the coffee table. “You want me to get undressed?”

    “Duh,” Mike laughed. “How the hell are you going to jack with me if you don’t drop them shorts?”

    “Right,” I laughed nervously as I pulled off my shirt and slid off my shorts.

    “Nice,” Mike exclaimed, upon getting a look at my hard cock. But before I could react, he leaned over and took my dick down his throat. Was this really happening?

    “Fuuuck,” I exhaled, my head rolling back as Mike locked his lips around the base of my cock, his tongue massaging my shaft. “I—I didn’t know you sucked dick.”

    “There’s a lot you don’t know about me,” Mike winked, releasing my cock. “Don’t you and Peter fuck around like this when I’m not home?”

    “No—no,” I stammered. “I’ve actually never played with another guy.”

    “What?” Mike replied incredulously. “I loved playing around with my buds when I was your age. Shit, buds are supposed to help each other out. You wanna help me out?” he then asked pulling my head down to his crotch.

    I was soon gagging on his eight-incher as Mike held me down on it, his hand pressed firmly at the back of my head. “Yeah, choke on this big dick,” he growled. “Get it good and wet.”

    His hand traveled to my ass while I proceeded to suck him, his finger finding my puckered hole. Pushing it inside me, he began to finger me, teasing my sphincter as he prepared me for what was to come next—his big dick.

    “That’s good enough,” he announced, raising my head from his crotch and forcing his tongue down my throat, tasting himself on me. “Time for you to ride this big dick.”

    Dutifully, I climbed on his lap, my skinny legs straddling his muscular thighs. “You feel that?” asked Mike, the tip of his cock pressed against my hole. I nodded in affirmation. “Good,” Mike smiled. “All you gotta do is sit on it.”

    “Okay,” I nodded, baring down on his cock. I could feel the fullness of his cockhead as it breached my sphincter. “Ouch . . . FUCK,” I cried out in pain. “I don’t think I can do this.”

    “Nonsense,” Mike insisted. “Men have been taking cock since the ancient Greeks. You can do this. You just need a little help.”

    His hands moving to my hips, Mike grabbed me and forced me down onto his cock. “FUCK,” I screamed as his cock impaled my depths in one, swift move. Instantly, his balls were mashed against my hole—and I was no longer a virgin.

    “I just popped your cherry,” Mike growled in my ear. “Time for some fun.”

    I had hoped that Mike would start off slow, giving me the chance to adjust to his big dick inside of me, but that wasn’t his plan. Instantly, he proceeded to pummel my hole. The pain was unreal, a white-hot rod rammed up my ass. I closed my eyes, trying to hold back my tears. But then something amazing happened. The pain began to subside. Waves of pleasure began to break through as Mike continued his assault on my hole. I was starting to feel good. Really good. My mind turned to mush.

    “You’re rock hard,” Mike announced, breaking me from my trance. “I must be getting your prostate good.”

    I looked down at my cock and, sure enough, I was rock hard—the hardest I’d ever been. My cockhead was purple and throbbing, precum streaming from my slit. And then something started to happen. It began as a slow throbbing beneath my balls, but quickly began to consume me. A pressure was building, unlike anything I’d experienced when masturbating. My balls started to contract, and immediately I could feel the cum rising in my shaft. How was this possible? Neither Mike nor I had even touched my cock.

    “Shit. I’m gonna cum,” I warned Mike, his big dick still working away at my tight hole.

    “Yeah,” Mike growled. “Bust that nut. Let’s cum together.”

    Instantly, I could feel my cock erupting, rope after rope of my thick cum flying into the air and coating Mike’s furry chest. And as my cock continued to pulse and throb, releasing my nut, I could feel a distinct throbbing within me as Mike seeded my virgin depths.

    “Fuckin-A,” Mike grunted, his arms wrapped around me as he flooded my guts. From deep within, I could feel the warmth of his load as he filled my void.

    “Christ, that was hot,” I panted as I collapsed forward onto Mike, wrapping my arms around his neck and resting my head on his manly shoulder. We stayed that way for several minutes, his big dick slowly going soft inside me as our breathing returned to normal.

    “You’ve gotta cunt made for cock,” Mike praised as I finally pulled off him, his load gushing from my wrecked hole and streaming down the side of his shaft.

    Instantly, I dropped to my knees and licked his cock clean. My tongue traveled north and then licked my load off his furry chest, not stopping until I had worked my way up to his lips. With a deep kiss, I fed our commingled loads to Mike.

    “Mmm. We taste good together,” Mike smiled as we pulled apart. But before I could respond, a toilet flushed upstairs.

    “Shit,” I gasped, reaching for my clothes. “Peter must be awake. I better get back up there before he comes down here looking for me.”

    “You wanna come back tomorrow night?” Mike asked, pulling up his pants. “Take this cock again?”

    “Yes,” I agreed eagerly. “But I thought Peter was spending the weekend with his mom?”

    “He is,” Mike confirmed. “Why do you think I asked you to come back? I’d like to fuck you properly in my bed. And maybe, if you play your cards right, I’ll let you tap my furry hole in return.”

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