• We have a winner from my PornHub raffle. This custom PH letterman’s jacket was gifted to me by PH for reaching 50k subscribers, NOW it belongs to PussyCat from Virginia thanks to all that participated
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  • Once a upon a time there was a young girl that was traveling in the woods alone and found a wolf hurt so instead of running away from the wolf she went and sent by the wolf and took care of him and before her eyes he transformed into his human form and she was stunned to see is glissning abs and the deep cut on the side of his hip and she took her clock and drape it around his hip and she let him rest for a bit before she got him up to take him home with her, once he felt better she helped him up and got him to her house put him on the couch and draped two blankets on him, gave him a pilliow as we as some water, he said thank you to her and said " Wait I didn't catch your name" she replied " you didnt ask". He smiled "Well can I know the beautiful lady name that saved me" Rose blushed "Yes of course you may my name is Roselyn" Roselyn asked may I know your name? Landyn said " Yes my name is Landyn" Hey Rose I'm cold could we cuddle? Rose turned around quickly and screamed quietly and was blushing and turned backed quickly facing Landyn saying "YES" all happy and cheerful so she ran over by him cuddle up next to his bus warm chest and putting a blanket over them as well. Landyn saw that Roselyn had fell asleep on his chest and he didn't want to move so he kissed her forehead and her smiled in her sleep as so did he. The next day Rose woke up happy and smiling, she got up quietly didn't want to wake up landyn to make breakfast. Roselyn was at the oven whipping up pancakes when all of the sudden Landyn popped up behind her and scared her and grabbed some pancakes batter with his hands ands wipped it down Roses body and ended up licking it off of her she was smiling. Rose arched her back when he got to her sweet spot, she is enjoying herself, Rose sits up tells Landyn to look at her and trust her so she sits on top of him riding him go harder and faster moaning louder and louder, Landyn digging his nails into her back the neighbors are definitely going to know Landyns and Roselyn's name for sure. The sex is getting so intense that we took it took the shower the shower is huge we make it steamy hot in there. We gather soap on eachother and get clean then go back to it, getting into doggie style so he can hit it from behind I had a massive orgasm that had my legs shaking until we got out of the shower and sat on the bed and fell asleep. Many days past, Landyn needed to hunt and he told Roselyn and she was okay with as long as he was careful out there and if he ever needed help to howl for her and his friends or family to let them know where he is and that he needed help. Later that night, Landyn went out of the house for the evening to hunt for food but, later that evening Roselyn started getting concerned since she hasn’t heard from him since earlier that day. Therefore, with how courageous Roselyn was she grabbed her jacket and keys as well water just in case. Roselyn walked out the front door looking for her boyfriend well hopes? As Roselyn walking through the woods she notices in the corner of her eye this dark gray wolf just laying down and she walk’s closer to him, Rose looks into his crystal blue eyes and notices it was Landyn he was attacked by an unknown creature. Once Rose and Landyn made it back to the cabin.
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