Points system

A good community is an active community and we want to reward our members for being just that. As such we have created a points system, where you get points for being active as well as participating in certain promotions. 

How can I earn points?

Our points engine rewards certain actions that benefit the community and takes away points for actions that harm them. A sure way to earn points are to use our points rewards. 

Rewards are something that we update often, so check back daily to make sure that you earn the most points possible. 


What can you do with points?

Points actually represents real money, 250 points = 1 USD. So you can withdraw your point balance to your wallet. From your wallet you can choose to tip other users, withdraw to PayPal or spend the funds on ads. 

Please be aware that to withdraw to PayPal, we require that you have redeemed at least one minimum 500 points offer in the last 5 days and have an account that is at least 3 months old. 

Why can't I buy VIP with my points / wallet funds?

For now, we have choosen to keep the VIP program outside of the points and wallet system. This may change in the future. 

Where can I see my points?

Go to this page to check out how many points you have:

Please be aware that points are in beta and their value, features and offers are subject to change without notice. If the value of your points change, we will not change the amount of points you have already earned.