• ffs i hate facebook, wish people would just be cool with a little adult content. i didn't even use revealing pics. Zuckerberg is a retard and I hope he ends up penniless.
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  • NEXT STOP CHRISTMAS!!! Could use some shopping money!! So help me help youGoal $75-$100

    $20 DrøpBöx$5 1-10 D-Rate + 2 nudes

    $end via β„‚π”Έπ•Šβ„π”Έβ„™β„™♥︎ $89tx
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  • Just letting everyone know via my AdultNode, I will be focusing more energy on my website BusenReloaded(dot)com.

    Soon, on the site, there will be free adult entertainment samples. I will be doing sets of my artwork, some stuff I’d categorize as softcore, and there will be some SPH for those that like that sort of thing. You will be able to make your own decision whether to support me or not. Don't be afraid if I’m not making your niche yet. Taking suggestions on content, just message me.

    I hope to be tempting. Some things will be hosted and sold for Bitcoin and Ethereum whilst ill be posting advertisements for my paid products for debit and credit cards. For that, I will use Bentbox and Unlockd as they are proud to have me there. I also intend to do a post on Adultnode, a hand-picked selection as a small sample for each new photo collection I make.

    Basically, when I was ruthlessly taken off Twitter, I snapped. I’m a genuine person, who only promotes the best. I don’t do dick pills, dating scams or ripoff sex games. If I advertise it, it's because I think its a product worth your time investigating.

    I will be doing premium site advertising. However, you won't get any shitty popups, or forced advertisements. I still take pride in my work. I hope to share my first postings next week.

    Here are a couple of samples of what is to come.
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  • use me in a hotel room
    #cuckold #amateur #assoftheday #milf #pussyoftheday
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  • standing here waiting for you to come over, tie me up and use me as your little sex doll ;)#blonde #sellingnudes #kinks #sub #sexdoll
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  • I wonder if I can use all 3 lushes I have... since I got version 1, 2 and 3 ^_^
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  • The 1st Augmented Reality App (Android Only)
    All members pay entry fee $4.99 but you will get $12 in tokens.
    We hope you use on us. LOL

    All Creators will get a $50 signing bonus.
    Just use referral codewdBow
    Highlight the link and click open
    β•°β•βž€ discplay.me/channel?nickname=SexyGamingCouple
    #creators #sexy #gaming #couple #sexygamingcouple
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  • Last day of the #Tantaly #Halloween Event!

    Use my code "Gamer15" for 15% off...

    I don't put my name behind products I don't believe in.

    (Gamer10 for 10% off anytime, if you miss the sale.)

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  • Would you like to see what I wear for Halloween? ;)

    All my price winning Halloween sets are at a super price available on my bentbox!


    Or use the promo code uR1aw to get 25% off! ;)
    BentBox Collection of Boxes Halloween Scares
    BentBox is the best place to sell your photos and videos
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  • Group
    3 and a half years I’ve asked my wife to play and tease with me more, and to every once in a while jump lon my cock and ride it dry

    Still hasn’t.

    Any of you fucking amazing/ sexy women out there wanna come and hop on my dick and use it for anything and everything it’s meant for? One of you wanna let her see how she should take care of my cock???

    P.S. - I get enormous amounts of satisfaction and pleasure just by watching a woman be pleased by me?? I do not cum until she can’t take another O #amateur #cumshot #pornstar #todaysmood
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