• t was weird staring up at my older brother and seeing him and feeling him inside of me at the same time. I had always had a crush on him but never realized how much I wanted this until we were doing it. We had talked this through and decided that we'd both try it, we were both sexuality frustrated and this seemed to be a good alternative.

    "You okay?" He asked as he slowly fucked my hole.

    "Yes," I said softly, right into his face, it was right in front of mine.

    "Can I kiss you?" He asked, he looked so worried to ask but he wanted it bad.

    "Yes, please," I said, feeling his breath on me.

    "Please?" He chuckled and moved in closer. "You want me to kiss you?" His lips were practically touching mine.

    "Yes," I blushed and moved closer and felt his beard touch my face.

    He pushed his face into mine and I felt his lips. He gave me a tender long kiss and then pulled away. I felt his cock slowly making it's way in me and the retreating and then back again. He pushed his face into mine and muzzled into me be for kissing me again, this time opening his lips and putting his tongue in my mouth.

    "God, this feels good," he said, breaking our kiss. "I'm making love to you... I love you Kev. I love you so much," he told me as he kissed me again.

    "I love you to Sean," I blushed at the intimacy.

    He was gentle and thoughtful, making sure I was happy and taken care off the whole time. He came inside of me and reminded me he loved me as he did. He kissed me and hugged me after we were done. I never felt closer to someone in my life. I don't know if it was because he was my brother, or that we had a connection like no one else but something about that night changed out relationship. He started calling me baby and giving me kisses and hugging all the time. We had become lovers and we definitely were falling for each other.

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