• Masturbating in a short black skirt, hitched up. I push love balls between my lips & inside my pussy. Pulling my panties & tights up, I lay back, rubbing off, caressing my tits and moaning as I cum. Ripping open the crotch of my nylons, sliding my hands underneath my panties, I continue to masturbate. Tugging on the love balls, I pull the sex toy out of my tight juicy hole & take hold of a dildo. Fucking the toy, my panties pulled aside. I orgasm & cum over the dildo before sucking the juices from the length & fingering my cum soaked pussy.
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    My wife wants to know if any beautiful women would be interested in joining us for bouncing on my cock and squirting? She wants someone to help push her to DIRTY SLUT level #amateur #cumshot #milf #pussyoftheday #sellingnudes
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    So Im ready to take my sex life to the next level. So in order to do so I want o raise enough money to design a sex room to push me beyond my limit.
    And I plan to do all of this on camera!!!!!
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