• Hello my dear friends!

    I hope you are all having some great and very pleasant holidays! I have a double reason to give you all a little present this weekend:
    It is my 5th year this month on bentbox!!! Who would believe that time flies so fast and some of you I have been knowing already for so long... Over 400 boxes and so many very nice connections, people who have got to know me here and became friends and companions along the way. I am very happy, feeling privileged and proud of that fact.
    I have not thought my presence on this site would result in so nice relationships.
    To celebrate the 5th year and wishing you wonderful holidays I opened a 20% discount on all the boxes for you with he promo code LFRsq ! Use it for the next 3 days!


    Enjoy my photos and video and happy Eastern to you all!
    With love, Beata
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