I got this erection exclusively by hitting my balls. I did not stroke my penis at all. I decided to go all the way and record a Ballbusting orgasm in my bathtub. I prefer not to end my Ballbusting sessions with an orgasm and since this occasion I have learned how to control and prevent an orgasm. When I bust my balls I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure all the fluid from my prostate flows back into my bladder because when I urinate in the middle of a session the urine has a ton of foamy bubbles. #Ballbusting #Cumshot #Masterbation #SelfBallbusting
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Frank @FrankP
I am into Self Ballbusting. I enjoy the pain of hitting myself in the balls with a bat. I watch women on TV like QVC or HSN and I pretend those sexy saleswomen are actually kicking me in the balls. I also watch women ballbust men in videos while I whack my balls. NO BABIES FOR ME!