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Sarah Begetter  @Deadlykitt666
Sarah Begetter
Hello, Im the P.O.L. or PotatoOverLord. But you sir/mam may call me ♥︎sarah♥︎ Some people have like ?sence of humor nor realize Imma awkward SHORT bean & us under 5'4" USUALLY have a temper if not are fightsy like a *swore* chihuahua. If the above is even remotely funny. You are my people!! Join me good sir and or fellow perverts. Let's make an army of potatos. Cuz a tatters are ♥︎awesome♥︎ How many ways can you cook a potato you may ask. Whelp I know of 63 techniques to butcher a simple tatter! How versatile!! I am a online influencer Like ewww? soon to be divorced, mama of 3. I work mostly with photos & short form video...ex.1min + less like tiktok... im lame, have like nothing for content ideas for the time being... because im trying to build confidence with in erotic in photos i suppose? ... hello? You? Reading this cuz you think I'm cute or something! Flirt with me & tell you what you need broski ... Or like.... tell me your favourite colour. Them hoe's ♥︎love♥︎ colours OK Ok ? its me who loves colours? I can take new photosets? K? ?Y make this so hard? Jeeeeze. Are the others rude or something? I ain't no Fin-dom. None of that grump-a-lump ? if no ones being dumb on me page. With that said. Be kind. Or imma ⛔️ yo ? so fast.... just your simple ♥︎e-thot♥︎ ♥︎seeking♥︎ something called ♥︎smexual♥︎ ♥︎valIdation♥︎ (Oooh big words much smrt)